Sunday, October 26, 2008

Where did the time go?

WOW I can't believe it's been over a week since I posted last!
Times has gotten away from me!
It's been crazy busy here and I don't see it letting up anytime soon!
Well cheerleading is winding down so maybe it will slow down soon!
Bethany is/was doing fine with her arm! Then yesterday we were at her exhibition and when she was doing her interduction HELLO MY NAME is BETHANY! She lost her footing and went down! (I saw it coming). She went to her AC and then I went down from the bleachers, she was in tears but also kept saying she wanted to go back and dance with the girls. I thought we were going to have to go back to the ER her hand looked swollen again, BUT I gave her some medicine when we got home and put ice on it, She seems ok today!
We have a game today, the last one for the season , I told her to do a different "HELLO" jump today! Wish us luck! I hold my breath every time now!
Tomorrow we have the halloween parade, then she has 2 more practice nights, (tuesday & WED) Thursday is the fall fest at the school, friday night is actually going to be NOTHING and then Saturday and Sunday is competition. Then football is over!
I bought a new couch yesterday, it was more then I really wanted to pay, BUT I have NEVER had anything brand new! David never bought me anything new, excpet our bed! It's a sectional with a chase on the end and 2 recliners... It's not the one I really really wanted BUT the one store was giving me the run around about the one I really wanted! So I went to a different store, although I was not happy the way we were first treated when we walked through the door (ignored) and funny thing bethany saw one of those sheeps from the commercial and asked if they were for sale and the sales man walks right by us and says "there not for sale" he wized right on by and didn't even ask if we needed help! So after a while I saw this guy pop out of the break room and I asked him he if worked there and when he said yes I said "well can you assist me?" LOL... Guess I didn't look like I belonged there or something... Wasn't wearing cowboy boots or a cowboy hat or sporting a nascar jacket... He aplogized for not greeting us at the door and not helping sooner!
BUT he asked when I needed the couch! I told him "yersterday" and soo it is coming tomorrow!
Last night I bought the New AC DC CD... LOL say that 10 times real fast!
Now I have to load it to my new phone! WOW I think they are better now then they were back in the day! Guess they are like a bottle of fine wine! :) It's hot!!!!
Got to rap it up BOO is a pain in my butt.... LOL he is bugging me to go on, he bought a new game and wants to play!


Leigh said...

I know what you mean about time going by so fast.
I hate when salespeople treat me that way. They should all have to work on commission! Then they'd move their asses! lol
Enjoy your new couch!
:) Leigh

Dawn said...

Oh Sharon! Your poor daughter's arm! Poor you! Enjoy your new furniture! COOL!

be well...

Beth said...

I got the new AC/DC early this past week. They ROCK!

Linda said...

I hope your daugther is doing ok today. How awesome that you got a new couch, enjoy it! Linda

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

When Beth is ready to share, I will get to listen to the new AC/DC CD :o)

Sharon said...

Oh I hope B is ok...darn! ACDCCDEFG,.....I can't even pat my head and rub my tummy!

Janis said...

New furniture is exciting! :) You'll have to post pictures!


Joyce said...

What a busy life you lead. I went through the single mom (with 3 kids) thing and I understand you not posting so often. Sometimes I wonder how I got through it (my fist born turned 40 this year).
Hugs, Joyce

Bill said...

I sure hope that Bethany gets all well soon and quits falling. I hope that you will put up a picture or two of the Halloween Parade.
Have a good week.
My Regards, Bill.

pattyt said...


I found you!!!!!

I have deleated all but 1 of my journals on AOL.

maybe I will set up house here.

hope to visit you again!!!!!

Patty {when life gives you......}

mamaof4qts said...

glad bethany is ok. I love getting brand new furniture. It's been forever since we've had it here. At least you didn't take the crap from the first one. I would write that stores headquarters and let them know how you were treated

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Wow, just catching up on everything. I'm so sorry about Bethany's arm, I hope she will be ok! Enjoy your couch! Linda

Nelishia said...

I hate it when salespeople treat me that way too and most of the time I am asked if I work there, then usually I know the answer if it's a place I go to alot so I just go ahead and help the customer. You sound like you bought the couch of my dreams. Good for you for getting something new. You deserve it. Poor Bethany and her hand. I hope she does better and doesn't hurt it any more. (((((ALL OF YOU)))))))))

Anonymous said...

Hey BB.. i have known you all this time ...and i didnt know you were an ac/dc fan!!!!!
that realy sucks about Baby B, i know by the way you talked about it how excited she was about being in cheer,and now she can't even be fully involved,and here it is the season over allready...head up bethany.. next year sweetie next ya got a new when can i come by so we can vedge on it and watch some good movies???
please don't be such a stranger...

Anonymous said...

oh btw its a damn shame your without should have called me i would have gladly ran you and the kids around on the weekend to find a couch. then you would not have had to deal with snooty sales people i am realy good in that dept.and you would have had many more choices of a place to buy...a lot of furniture places are like that if you dont look like you have a credit card in your pocket worth 10 grand....

CINDY said...

hi sharon. sorry i haven't been around. just been busy. i hope bethany is feeling better. (((hugs))))

Jenna said...

Hi Sharon! Sorry to hear about Bethany's accident. I'm behind on journals from even before the AOL migration so I'll be back to catch up more later on your posts.
(My Random Thoughts at Jland)

Joann said...

I heard recently that cheerleading is one of the top rated sports for injuries... tell your baby girl to BE CAREFUL!!! I haven't got the new AC/DC yet, but will get that for my son soon, I'm sure... LOL!!