Friday, October 10, 2008

trying this again

yesterday when I transferred my private journal over here I lost all my comments, I guess I moved it to soon yesterday before they had all the kinks worked out!

SO I am trying this again!!!

I deleted my private J... I did not take you off if you were a reader! I just deleted it!

After this entry I am going to do it again! And will add you again!!!!!

Will probably do it with the other one too while I am at it!


Jeannette said...

I had so much trouble combing my old journal with my new blog. Got there in the end but with all comments gone. Over four years of comments just gone. Nothing I can do about it. When you combine them apparently it does not include comments. Very sad.

Leigh said...

Sometimes change just plain sucks!
Hope things go better this time.
:) Leigh

sober white women said...

I had such a hard time moving everything. I do hope that everything goes smooth for you!

ladymagnolia said...

I still have not yet figured it out. My old journal and comments migrated over here to blogger, but it's under my old journal name. I thought it would just combine into one with my new journal here at blogger.

I hope you get yours fixed and over here soon.


Bea said...

Looks like you made it to blogger okay... glad to see you here. Thanks for sending me your new url. I'll be back to visit another time when I can stay longer. I'm here too! bea

Cathy said...

Don't know what I did right but my old J came over, comments, pix and all. That nav link did it auto. Love your new place.