Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My baby girl :(

Just one thing after another.
As most of you know Bethany is a Cheerleader!
Well last night after my day care kids left and we ate dinner and Bethany went to cheer practice, I decided to take a shower...
Well for some reason instead of getting into my pj's I decided to get dressed, don't know what made me do it, I just did!
I was sitting here on the computer catching up on some mail, and my cell phone rings at 7 O Clock last night, It's Bethany's friend MOM
"Sharon, Bethany fell! It's BAD!!!!" She goes on to say it's her arm (left) her wrist (right) her knee , her leg, her ribs her head! OH MY GOSH she had me thinking Bethany was on her death bed!I tried to call David's cell (3x), her cell (2x) and the house 3 times each and NO one would pick up their lines!
Bethany's friends mom brought her here by car but by the time she got here Bethany was in so much pain We decided to call 911! Bethany's friends mom (J) is a 911 dispatcher so she called and knew what to say, not that I didn't I just nervouse and with her being dispatcher she had fancier words to tell the dipatcher on duty!I told J I was trying to get hold of David and he would not pick up! She called him and he picked up I was pissed! Why the heck won't he pick up when I call! he doesn't know it isn't about the kids! I never call him anymore unless it is an ER about the kids! JERK!!!!
Apparently Bethany fell running full force in the dark, and missed a curb that was about 2 ft high! I am pissed because the coaches made the girls run an extra lap because a few of them were talking, so the coaches made them run! It makes me mad! DON'T make them run a lap in the dark save the extra lap for tomorrow NIGHT before it gets dark! This would NEVER of happened of it was not for that extra lap!
Now my baby is out for the rest of the season and won't be able to do competitions! She is so upset , I feel so bad for her!
Any way the ambulance came and got her and put her in a neck brace and on a back board and at this point J is saying I shouldn't of moved her!
OFF we went...
We got there, waited a little while,she was in so much pain! When they looked over her they felt her knee and left arm and head were going to be ok.... They only took an x-ray of her right wrist. We went back to the hallway ( it was crowded last night). They gave her something for the pain (vicodine) I told them I was allergic to that could it be hereditary ? she went to check and came back and said slim to none, So Bethany took it and started to feel better!
The Dr came back a little later and told us she had a buckle fracture! NOT a break! She had a buckle fracture on that same arm when she was a baby climbing out of her crib. So they put a splint on it and we sat her up to get ready to go home and she started to complain she was dizzy, so we laid her back down, at first I thought it was an allergic reaction to the meds, BUT then I remembered she hadn't eaten since 5 so we gave her some juice and crackers and let her lay a little longer. BUT she was dizzy again we we sat her up again! So we laid her back down again! The third time she was OK and we came home!
I should of called all my day care parents to get the day off, 2 of the three that dropped off this morning told me if I need off (early) call and they can come and get their kids! The other one said hers would not be able to be picked up until after 4!
I need to call the orthopedic Dr's today!
She is home today, she's sleeping right now! I will call the Dr's in a few minutes, after I get my one day care child on her bus for preschool!
I am going to call her Dr too to see if he can give her something stronger for the pain, as the ER Dr didn't send us home with anything!
Need to get back to work!


Linda said...

I hope she will be feeling much better today. Linda

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sorry for Bethany, give her lots of tender loving today :o)

Sugar said...

awww poor bethany! but you know kids, they spring back quickly.
keep a close eye on her, if anything else seems to be hurting (except expected soreness) be sure she goes back in to check that too.
hope she's feeling better soon. {{}}


Jeannette said...

Hope Bethany is feeling much better. Maybe she will not be out for the rest of the season.

Leigh said...

I hope Bethany's feeling alittle better. Sending some positive thoughts along.
:) Leigh

sober white women said...

Prayers are going up so the blessings can come down!

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your daughter Hope she is feeling better soon Blessings! Kat:)

bookncoffee said...

Oh NO. I am glad she is going to be ok. But OMG how scared you must have been and I'm so sorry that she is going to be out for the season. I do hope you have a word with coach so that this does not happen to other girls. Running in the dark. Coach should know better. See you got me venting about it. Maybe I should call him. lol
Hope you all have a good week and that she feels better soon. Big hugs to you both.

Louise *Star Dust* said...

How scary. I am glad that she was able to go home and it wasn't much worse. I hope she has a speedy recovery!

Joyce said...

Don't you just love EX-Husband's...NOT. I hope she is feeling better soon. So sad that she has to miss the rest of the season.
Hugs, Joyce

Lisa said...

Hi - first time visiting your journal and I don't remember how I got here but I wanted to say hello since I am in PA too. I live in York County, originally from Lancaster.

I hope Bethany is feeling better soon - poor girl.

~~Kath~~ said...

A buckle fracture IS a break. It's just a type of break. You can have a buckle, or green stick, or spiral, but they are all names for broken bones. At least they were when I was in Xray school a few years ago. LOL
Hope she feels better soon.

Here's a link to show what a buckle fracture is:

CntryMomma said...

Aren't 911 operaters supposed to be and help you remain calm? LOL Sounds like her mom was a tad on the anxious side. LOL

Ohh, and I would SO be having a little chat with the coach.

Terri said...

So glad it wasn't any worse..wishing her a speedy recover...how scary!

I'm with Lori I would definately have a talk with the coach...that was BS!


Missie said...

Oh my! That must have been on heck of a fall! I sure hope Bethany is feeling better tonight.

Celeste said...

I know exactly what you are going through. Brook has been there too many times. make sure she keeps her arm up. Also NO ASPIRIN OR MOTRIN! brook's bone doctor vetoed motrin(advil)because it will slow down the healing of the bone.

Sherry said...

girl I would be furious too and I am afraid I would have to have a talk with those coaches , but that is me lol
I hope all goes well

Denise said...

Sharon~~so sorry to read this. I hope Bethany is feeling better by now.