Thursday, October 9, 2008

Another blog moved

I just moved one of my priavate journals here without a problem!
last night after I moved my one journal here I also had to "import" them too! BUT this one I just did came over without a problem!
Moving the other one here soon too! Now to figure out how to keep at least one of the 2 private! ( I think I will lose all my comments to them though)

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Nelishia said...

I finally found you!

WHen I moved my private journal over, I lost all my comments that I had when I was private but the ones when I was public stayed with it. Good thing I saved first huh? That is something else about the BF turning up the music. He won't last long you'll see. It's hard to be a 15 year old mom. Thank you for being so sweet to her and offering to help.