Friday, October 3, 2008

Not Sure

I may have to start a whole new blog... From what I was told I shouldn't have the same title as my AOL journal title... I thought I read just not the same URL... ??? I wonder why you can't change the name of your blog here? Or if you can how???
UGH!!! If I have to start a new one "again" I hope you ALL will follow!
This is a mess!
Why did AOL have to do this???
Well back to the drawing board!


D said...

you can change it go to settings and look around :) Not exactly sure where I saw it but I did

Donna said...

Yep, you can always change the name when it's all over. I really don't understand what the name here has to do with it anyhow. But I'm no puter geek.

Leigh said...

I'm just a little bit confused on this myself. From what I understand, when the migration takes place, the journal name transfers somehow, so if you already have a journal with the same name, it will tell you the name is not avaiable. Then you have to create a new name. There's supposed to be some way to change things once the migration is complete. Idk-I'm very tech-challenged, myself.
I think I'm just going to write under the new name and put my old journal under "archived-I was thinking..." that way the old entries will still be there, I won't screw things up and delete everything. lol
Just keep checking out Magic Smoke and the People Connection blog for info.
:) Leigh

sober white women said...

hmmm, I had no idea that you could not keep the same name. I changed my name just because I could.

bookncoffee said...

I think it will all work out but the migration blog from AOL might have to be a different name if this one is already taken. Sounds like they have already planned for this to happen. I'm going to accept my other blog when it migrates thru and preserve it, but I'll continue on here. I wonder if we change the new blog we are working in now, if it will be ok. I'm not going to worry about it I guess. I'm scared I'll mess everything up. lol

Jeannette said...

We can only keep checking for the latest news on Magic Smoke etc. Guido was keeping us updated but he will be away until the 8th. We are all stumbling in the dark here.

Beth said...

I'm doing what Leigh is doing. I'll migrate the old journal to an "archive" journal and just put the link up.


swmpgrly said...

It can be changed hon