Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Update of Sorts

Update of Sorts

Wow it's been a while since I wrote here! I don't know since AOL shut down I just haven't felt like blogging much!

Let's see what has been going on here since I last wrote?

Went to My Aunt and Uncles with the kids and my sister for Thanksgiving! My mom was there too. The dinner went ok! My mom was trying to start with my sister through out the day, BUT my sister walked away!
My mom is out of the hospital and doing well! She is now living with my Aunt Her sister) now, and getting her house of 44 yrs hard to believe she is selling it! WOW back in 1964 she only paid 6,500 for it , today it is worth 185,000 if she would of kept up with it would of been worth 250,000... her neighbor ( attached only wants to give her 100,000. for it! He is a cheap you know what and thinks that my mom will sell it to him for that! I think his plans are to buy it and move his whole family in (they are all from Vietnam), he has been after my mom's house for yrs always asking her if "she sell!" So now she is and he wants to cheat her out 85 grand!OH well there is someone out there that will giver her the asking price or close to it!

Anyway.... Now my Aunt is in the hospital , she fell on black ice the week before Thanksgiving and she had the ugliest bruise on her back side! I never saw such an ugly bruise! Then she was experiencing serve stomach pain one day last week they took her to the hospital and there was blood in her stomach at first they thought she was she bleeding from her aorta which is artificial, BUT it was not her aorta... (she has/had the same thing John Ritter died of a few yrs ago, she knew about hers for yrs though and knew the warning signs) . But it wasn't her aorta, some where in the belly, but it has stopped! She should be home in the next day or so!

My sister may be coming up this weekend and her and I and our mom may go out and do a little shopping together and go out to eat lunch some where! We have never done that as adults!

So get this, I am at church this past Sunday and in the morning we sing songs and then turn around and greet people around us! Well the past 2 or 3 Sundays now this guy who sits 1 row over and two rows up from me has been coming over to shake my hand... Well last Sunday he even sat next to me at the breakfast table after the service BUT didn't say a word to me when he sat there, then he got up and gave his seat to another lady! So this Sunday he cam up to me again at the service to say good morning and then at breakfast while the kids went up for their hot COCO he came over to me and said he just wanted to the time to introduce himself to me...
Well then he goes on to say "Well I know this isn't probably the time or place to ask this, but I was wondering if you would like to go out time?" Then he said he knows with the holidays and 3 kids, ( where I then said 4!) that I must be busy but he would be really interested in taking me out soon! :)
So I was asked out at Church! WOW maybe this is a true sign from GOD?

Well I do want to write more, BUT Brent wants to look something up.... So I will be back in a bit!