Monday, June 29, 2009

My Son

I am so tired not sure what end is up or even what day it is.. Well I do now, when day care kids showed up!

Brian is back in the hospital... It all started about a week ago! I saw small burn narks on his arm from a BIC lighter I asked him what they were he said "nothing" I said "that's not, nothing, what is it!" he told me he burnt him self when I asked him why he said he wanted to see if it hurt... I said "well did it?" he said Yeah... I said then why did you do it 5 more times? He had 6 small burns all in a row.
So saturday morning at his appointment with his counselor I told him about it... He tells me WELL I wouldn't worry about it unless it gets worse, ( little did I know)... So saturday afternoon Brittany came over ( the other 2 were with their dad, his weekend) So Brittany , Bri and I went out to lunch... I was showing Brittany Brian's burns and went to pull his sleeve up and out of the way and I saw "something" so I lifted his sleeve a little higher! OMG (it brings chills to my body just re-typing it)... He had 2 HUGE round circle infected the size of a golf ball burns.... I immediately told him to lift his other sleeve and there were 2 more same spot same size they 2 were infected so we came home after lunch and I put nenosporon on it and band-aids, oh he also had 2 on his legs... called his dad to tell him about it and said I would call the peds first thing monday morning... WELL my friend Amy came over and I was telling her about it, and she said "that's not good" later that night we went to a friends house were her husband is an EMT and in front of him Amy says "Brian how are your arms?" he shrugs and says I don't know!" Amy says let me see at this point John is there ( the EMT) and Brian pulls back the band-aids and John said "What did you do buddy?" and Brian told him he burnt himself, John said "WHY?" Brian said "because I don't like my life!" John said to me that's not good he needs to be checked out for the burns (2nd degree) and what ever is going on in his head! So from saturday night 9:30 pm till sunday morning 6am were spent in 2 different hospitals.

Later on that afternoon when Bethany came home from her dads she asked about Brian and when I was telling her , she didn't act surprised at all about the burns and when I mentioned the 4 on his upper arms she said "I know!" ... I stopped and said "how do you know you weren't here, you were at dads!" Well here she knew about them for over a week, she said she didn't want to snitch on her brother! I explained to her that , that was a bad secret to keep that when someone is hurting themselves and then telling someone they really want to be told on, that it is a cry for help! A snitch is running to me to tell me Brian stole a cookie from the cookie jar is a "snitch".

David of course "what's wrong with him?" does anyone have a 2 by 4 I can borrow? he is an idiot he just doesn't get it!

now it is all making sense to me why he ONLY takes most of his anger out on Brent and wishing Brent dead!!!!
BUT David doesn't get it!

I know a lot of his problem are David BUT of course David doesn't get it... And thinking about it now NO wonder Brian says and does the things he does to Brent, he is taking his anger out on Brent because he is David's favorite! :*( I hate this for the kids! He is such an Ass (david) and when he left he says "divorce doesn't effect kids" HOW the heck would he know his parents are still married! Guess he was wrong!

So I went up to visit him last night and they were dressing his burns and IF his burns are not better by the time he is ready to come home I have to take a "med-care" class and learn how to take care of them, they are using a special cream that you can ONLY get on the burn and NO where else or else you will "melt" the healthy skin away. I'll have to wear gloves too.

There is so much more to this... My head is spinning.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

History Repeating???

Brittany's almost 19 I have to learn she is a big girl now and if she wants to go with him I have to let her go! I hope she learns before it's to late and it doesn't take her as long as it took me... WOW don is just like david in a lot of ways! Looking back over the last years, he is doing it very subtly, like David did. They are good at that.
he is talking marriage, so Brittany says! I was 16 when David and I got together, and David 18 (B&D are the same) I hope they don't get married and then in his 30's decide he didn't get to "sew his wild oats" and do what her dad did to me and leave her bear foot and pg... she has her permit but so far has done nothing to get her license! Shaking my head I see so much of me and David in there.... it's scary. But what can I do? I tried to point out the warning signs/red flags, but she doesn't want to hear it! :(


Friday morning before I kicked them out he was treading on thin ice... I asked Brittany ( they still had dishes in the sink from Monday) "when are you going to do your dishes?" She laughed and said "Don wanted to see how long it would take for you to get mad!" ( talk about respect) any way I said "I wasn't going to get mad I was going to put them in your bed." She says "you would of pissed Don off!" HELLO and what he was trying to do to me was different how?

I tried to give Brittany food and a toaster he wouldn't let her take it.. I think he thinks he is hurting me! He doesn't see it has hurting the person he claims to love!

This little brat works 2 days a week at an water ice shack... Brittany is paying for their apartment, HIS car, car insurance and no doubt cell phone too. NOW she is paying rent too... ON a one room place for 400.00 a month when they could of got a whole apartment for 400. 00 a month... He is showing me alright! Showing me how much of a jerk he really is!!! His true colors are coming out! I hope Brittany sees them before it is too late!

So Brittany came here after work and she didn't want to talk about "it" ... I asked her why Don wouldn't take the toaster or food or even coffee for his coffee maker... She was getting all bent out of shape, "I don't want to talk about it!" I told her "well I know why he is doing it, he thinks he is hurting me, he is only hurt you ( I told her) all she has been eating since Friday night is PB&J... she sat down and ate dinner with us! then don came and got her and took off with out a word to me!
He needs to grow up!!!!

I hate the fact that she can't see what Don is doing to her is a form of abuse!!! He wouldn't let her take a box of food from me, ONLY because he thinks he is hurting me!!!! What a little brat!!!

He is being an ass to Brittany to get back at me!!! I don't know exactly where the apartment is, BUT I know where about's it is I should drop a bag of non-perishables by when they are not there!

He doesn't even show his OWN mom respect, right there is a BIG red flag!
they say you can tell the type of man a guy is the way they treat their own mom and he is always saying how much he hates her!

His mom and step dad kicked him out, he was living with his bio dad when he moved in here, they have a good relationship from what I can tell. BUT he seems spoiled now looking back on things, he doesn't get his way his pouts and doesn't talk to you!
Gosh Brittany is talking marriage with him!!! I see history repeating it's self... (me and david)...

Brittany said he got his feelings hurt when I told him he was no better then Dennis!!! She said he doesn't hit me, or abuse me , or cheat on me!!!

BUT he doesn't show his GF's mother respect, or his mom, IMO that is a huge RED FLAG!!!

wish I would of raised her with a better back bone though , right now she is paying for every thing!!
and that little snert nose brat told me I needed show him respect in MY house! That is why he left his mom's!! HELLO he doesn't pay the bills....

Don is so controlling and sadly she does not see it that way, and you would think she would be the first to see the signs, since she watched me go threw it with her dad! BUT Don is different, he is not "dad"! Guess this is going to have to be another one of those lessons she learns the hard way and in the end says " you were right, again mom!"

He is gone

well the little snert nose brat broke the camels back.... He shut MY fuse breaker down while I was watching a movie. and then started screaming at me about showing him respect in MY home!!!! So I screamed at the top of my lungs for him to get the F out of MY house and leave MY key!!!!!!! He was trying to tell me I need to show him respect in MY house!!!!! OH MY gosh I told him to GET out before I call the call the cops!!!! That little brat doesn't pay the elecrtic or the mortgage, where does he get off messing with my stuff and tlling me a grown adult to show him respect in MY home! He needs to earn respect!! And he isn't even coming close to that!

POOR Brittany was crying and so torn I told her I love her and that some day she will realize blood is thicker then water! because he made a comment about that is how is mom and step dad went down, in other words ( I take it) that Don could NOT show respect to his mom or get his own way! HELLO this is MY house!!! So he left his moms and to this day he hates her because I take it he could not get his way! Bethany was crying and was saying she didn't want to take sides. I told her how much I love Brittany and how Brittany can come by anytime... Hopefully with this his true colors will come out!

I have never been so mad in my life! That kid (don) is to much I even told him he was as bad as dennis! that is how pissed I was!!!

HE is gone! I threw his BUTT out friday night close to mid night.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Fuss, Fuss, Fuss? what was the point?

oh my gosh all this fuss about them moving out, them saying it is too soon not enough time!!! GUESS what they are moving out their things as I type this! come to find out they are moving out next saturday!!!! as bad as this sounds I am really really happy!!!!! OH and it is an efficiency apartment across the street from our local pizza/pub joint... and literally a hop skip and jump to Brittany's work!!!!

I am letting her keep her cell ( going to pay for it) BUT I changed my password on it and the minute she abuses it I am shutting her off!!!

I also went to her work place MY bank first and told them NO way I want her fired, BUT is there a way to block her from checking my account? I use to have her do it for CS BUT now I don't want her checking when ever she feels like it saying "i need this!" "well you have it, I've checked!"

SO she is leaving on the 13th ...

So Brittany tells me this morning ( she talks to me when don is not here) that her and don think it is funny that their dishes are still sitting in the sink, they wanted to wait to see how long it would take me to flip! I told her I wasn't going to flip my next move would of been to put them in your bed! She said that would of pissed Don off!!! HELLO and what are you trying to do to me??? WOW...

But Brittany was crying, ( bitter sweet) she's happy to be moving BUT scared too, I told her AGAIN if it does not work out she knows this is her home too!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

UGH ungrateful people.... and know it alls

So get this Brittany and Don are up at my neighbors! they took my food up) ... People are telling me I am being to nice letting don stay on the way I am... So I text brittany and tell her they better change their way and respect me in MY home or I am changing their move out date! She tells me I can't do that.... breech of contract! ( no doubt she got that from bill) I tell her there is nothing in writing! she comes back "verbal" I tell her he is NOT paying rent that he is squatting, so i can ask him to leave any time... she writes nothing back about that.. She is going on and on asking how they are being rude, I told her that this is one way ( the texs) and then she tells me I am being just as rude to him (don) as he is me! UMMMM hellooooo ME grown up, MY house, my rules.... don't like it get the F out!!!!! I turned off my cell I was sick of the texes!!! I told her she better call her dad and take him up on that room at his place! I have had it!!!! She is saying stuff like how don does this and that and takes me here and there and that should be "thanks" enough.... HELLOOOOOOO????? he still has not spoken to me now going on 10 days! she tells me that it works both ways!!!! Their dishes are still sitting in the sink from monday!!!! And I am paying her cell... She has no idea how lucky she is...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Update on Bri and a little more too...

So Bri came home Fri after noon. So far so good, thy adjusted his medicines and he seems to be doing ok!!! he went back to school and that is going well too... Only a few more days left of school and summer break starts soon!

So I gave my daughter's boyfriend until Aug 1st to find a place and GO.. I told Brittany that she can stay, BUT he has to go, that this is Bri house and if Bri does not feel safe in his own house because of the bf, he needs to go ( the bf)... I told her that the door is always opened to her though.

So the bf has not spoken to me since the night I took Bri to the hospital!!! HELLO??? Bri??? He is lucky and should be thanking me that I did not throw his ass out the morning I got back from the hospital...

They don't have to pay me rent and or back for the bird they borrowed money from me for. So they can save for a new place! And I still get NO thanks! IF a landlord throws you out giving you 2 months you still owe that 2 months of rent!!! they don't know how good they have it!!!

NOW they have been eating out every night since I gave them notice!!! HOW can they afford it if they are suppose to be saving??? and the nights they don't eat out they leave MY sink full of dishes, makes me wonder who will do their dishes in their new place???

AND he has the nerve to call Bri worthless when he is almost 21 and works like 1 or 2 days a week scooping ice???? Bri is 16 and still in school...

AND Brittany pays for HIS car insurance and car payment and he won't let her drive HIS car!!!! WOW.....

Can we say RED FLAG!!!! not sure Brittany sees it even though I have tried to point it out!

NOW Brittany won't speak to me when her bf is around, and he just won't speak to me at all... Do I care that he won't speak to me???? NO!!!!


He has no idea how lucky he is that he is still here!!! Like I said I could of thrown his sorry ass out last Tuesday.... he should be thanking me and telling Bri he is sorry!!!

No it's NOT ALL his fault but he didn't help either....