Tuesday, June 9, 2009

He is gone

well the little snert nose brat broke the camels back.... He shut MY fuse breaker down while I was watching a movie. and then started screaming at me about showing him respect in MY home!!!! So I screamed at the top of my lungs for him to get the F out of MY house and leave MY key!!!!!!! He was trying to tell me I need to show him respect in MY house!!!!! OH MY gosh I told him to GET out before I call the call the cops!!!! That little brat doesn't pay the elecrtic or the mortgage, where does he get off messing with my stuff and tlling me a grown adult to show him respect in MY home! He needs to earn respect!! And he isn't even coming close to that!

POOR Brittany was crying and so torn I told her I love her and that some day she will realize blood is thicker then water! because he made a comment about that is how is mom and step dad went down, in other words ( I take it) that Don could NOT show respect to his mom or get his own way! HELLO this is MY house!!! So he left his moms and to this day he hates her because I take it he could not get his way! Bethany was crying and was saying she didn't want to take sides. I told her how much I love Brittany and how Brittany can come by anytime... Hopefully with this his true colors will come out!

I have never been so mad in my life! That kid (don) is to much I even told him he was as bad as dennis! that is how pissed I was!!!

HE is gone! I threw his BUTT out friday night close to mid night.

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