Monday, June 29, 2009

My Son

I am so tired not sure what end is up or even what day it is.. Well I do now, when day care kids showed up!

Brian is back in the hospital... It all started about a week ago! I saw small burn narks on his arm from a BIC lighter I asked him what they were he said "nothing" I said "that's not, nothing, what is it!" he told me he burnt him self when I asked him why he said he wanted to see if it hurt... I said "well did it?" he said Yeah... I said then why did you do it 5 more times? He had 6 small burns all in a row.
So saturday morning at his appointment with his counselor I told him about it... He tells me WELL I wouldn't worry about it unless it gets worse, ( little did I know)... So saturday afternoon Brittany came over ( the other 2 were with their dad, his weekend) So Brittany , Bri and I went out to lunch... I was showing Brittany Brian's burns and went to pull his sleeve up and out of the way and I saw "something" so I lifted his sleeve a little higher! OMG (it brings chills to my body just re-typing it)... He had 2 HUGE round circle infected the size of a golf ball burns.... I immediately told him to lift his other sleeve and there were 2 more same spot same size they 2 were infected so we came home after lunch and I put nenosporon on it and band-aids, oh he also had 2 on his legs... called his dad to tell him about it and said I would call the peds first thing monday morning... WELL my friend Amy came over and I was telling her about it, and she said "that's not good" later that night we went to a friends house were her husband is an EMT and in front of him Amy says "Brian how are your arms?" he shrugs and says I don't know!" Amy says let me see at this point John is there ( the EMT) and Brian pulls back the band-aids and John said "What did you do buddy?" and Brian told him he burnt himself, John said "WHY?" Brian said "because I don't like my life!" John said to me that's not good he needs to be checked out for the burns (2nd degree) and what ever is going on in his head! So from saturday night 9:30 pm till sunday morning 6am were spent in 2 different hospitals.

Later on that afternoon when Bethany came home from her dads she asked about Brian and when I was telling her , she didn't act surprised at all about the burns and when I mentioned the 4 on his upper arms she said "I know!" ... I stopped and said "how do you know you weren't here, you were at dads!" Well here she knew about them for over a week, she said she didn't want to snitch on her brother! I explained to her that , that was a bad secret to keep that when someone is hurting themselves and then telling someone they really want to be told on, that it is a cry for help! A snitch is running to me to tell me Brian stole a cookie from the cookie jar is a "snitch".

David of course "what's wrong with him?" does anyone have a 2 by 4 I can borrow? he is an idiot he just doesn't get it!

now it is all making sense to me why he ONLY takes most of his anger out on Brent and wishing Brent dead!!!!
BUT David doesn't get it!

I know a lot of his problem are David BUT of course David doesn't get it... And thinking about it now NO wonder Brian says and does the things he does to Brent, he is taking his anger out on Brent because he is David's favorite! :*( I hate this for the kids! He is such an Ass (david) and when he left he says "divorce doesn't effect kids" HOW the heck would he know his parents are still married! Guess he was wrong!

So I went up to visit him last night and they were dressing his burns and IF his burns are not better by the time he is ready to come home I have to take a "med-care" class and learn how to take care of them, they are using a special cream that you can ONLY get on the burn and NO where else or else you will "melt" the healthy skin away. I'll have to wear gloves too.

There is so much more to this... My head is spinning.


Connie said...

I am speechless
I feel for you and wish you all well

Donna said...

How strange. I wouldn't know what to do next.

Melanie said...

Poor kids...Brian does need to see a therapist tho......that could turn into "cutting" himself instead of Burning himself...good luck and paryers to you and your family.


Missie said...

I went thru "cutting" with Nicci. I know what you're going thru. Prayers going up!!