Tuesday, June 9, 2009

History Repeating???

Brittany's almost 19 I have to learn she is a big girl now and if she wants to go with him I have to let her go! I hope she learns before it's to late and it doesn't take her as long as it took me... WOW don is just like david in a lot of ways! Looking back over the last years, he is doing it very subtly, like David did. They are good at that.
he is talking marriage, so Brittany says! I was 16 when David and I got together, and David 18 (B&D are the same) I hope they don't get married and then in his 30's decide he didn't get to "sew his wild oats" and do what her dad did to me and leave her bear foot and pg... she has her permit but so far has done nothing to get her license! Shaking my head I see so much of me and David in there.... it's scary. But what can I do? I tried to point out the warning signs/red flags, but she doesn't want to hear it! :(


Odd Mom Out said...

I don't have teenagers but my feeling is there is nothing you can do. Just let her make her own mistakes so she can learn from them and just be there when she realizes he's an ass.

Melanie said...

she will learn..it will be the hard way..but i think she will get it....i know you will be there for the fall...sometimes there isnt much you can do...prayers are with you.


Louise *Star Dust* said...

<<<< Sharon >>>> How are you? It has been so long. I just read what you have been going thru. Ugh! the nerve of that boy!

I know it hurts but she will learn. I give her a month and she will be back home. They think it is so easy out there. It sucks that she has such a horrible "kid" next to her. I hope she opens her eyes soon makes him get another job and pay for his own crap. Hopefully she will dump him and see that he really is no good and she deserves better.

Take Care...

swmpgrly said...

Sadly thats all ya can do, some kids just have to learn from thier own mistakes...I was one of them.
My sister was just the opposite she looked at every one elses mistakes and learned from them.
Trying to play catch up in here I have been so bad in blog world.

Connie said...

It's not easy being a mom and sitting back and watching....I got married at 17 and we have been married 42 years next month...but it isn't easy....today people think relationships are disposable...we looked at it in those days as a lifetime commitment...I wish her luck n love