Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Friday morning before I kicked them out he was treading on thin ice... I asked Brittany ( they still had dishes in the sink from Monday) "when are you going to do your dishes?" She laughed and said "Don wanted to see how long it would take for you to get mad!" ( talk about respect) any way I said "I wasn't going to get mad I was going to put them in your bed." She says "you would of pissed Don off!" HELLO and what he was trying to do to me was different how?

I tried to give Brittany food and a toaster he wouldn't let her take it.. I think he thinks he is hurting me! He doesn't see it has hurting the person he claims to love!

This little brat works 2 days a week at an water ice shack... Brittany is paying for their apartment, HIS car, car insurance and no doubt cell phone too. NOW she is paying rent too... ON a one room place for 400.00 a month when they could of got a whole apartment for 400. 00 a month... He is showing me alright! Showing me how much of a jerk he really is!!! His true colors are coming out! I hope Brittany sees them before it is too late!

So Brittany came here after work and she didn't want to talk about "it" ... I asked her why Don wouldn't take the toaster or food or even coffee for his coffee maker... She was getting all bent out of shape, "I don't want to talk about it!" I told her "well I know why he is doing it, he thinks he is hurting me, he is only hurt you ( I told her) all she has been eating since Friday night is PB&J... she sat down and ate dinner with us! then don came and got her and took off with out a word to me!
He needs to grow up!!!!

I hate the fact that she can't see what Don is doing to her is a form of abuse!!! He wouldn't let her take a box of food from me, ONLY because he thinks he is hurting me!!!! What a little brat!!!

He is being an ass to Brittany to get back at me!!! I don't know exactly where the apartment is, BUT I know where about's it is I should drop a bag of non-perishables by when they are not there!

He doesn't even show his OWN mom respect, right there is a BIG red flag!
they say you can tell the type of man a guy is the way they treat their own mom and he is always saying how much he hates her!

His mom and step dad kicked him out, he was living with his bio dad when he moved in here, they have a good relationship from what I can tell. BUT he seems spoiled now looking back on things, he doesn't get his way his pouts and doesn't talk to you!
Gosh Brittany is talking marriage with him!!! I see history repeating it's self... (me and david)...

Brittany said he got his feelings hurt when I told him he was no better then Dennis!!! She said he doesn't hit me, or abuse me , or cheat on me!!!

BUT he doesn't show his GF's mother respect, or his mom, IMO that is a huge RED FLAG!!!

wish I would of raised her with a better back bone though , right now she is paying for every thing!!
and that little snert nose brat told me I needed show him respect in MY house! That is why he left his mom's!! HELLO he doesn't pay the bills....

Don is so controlling and sadly she does not see it that way, and you would think she would be the first to see the signs, since she watched me go threw it with her dad! BUT Don is different, he is not "dad"! Guess this is going to have to be another one of those lessons she learns the hard way and in the end says " you were right, again mom!"


mamaof4qts said...

omg you have been way more than nice to this kis and to turn around and turn off the fuse box. I would have called the cops right then and there. I so hope my kids never become teenagers. I guess we just have to hope for the best. Prayers for you and your kids

Ally Lifewithally said...

Let's hope Brittany sees through that "little brat" sooner rather than later ~ Ally x

Missie said...

His true colors will shine thru and Brittany will see them.

All you can do is wait for her. She'll be back.

Have a good evening.