Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Not Sure About this

Not sure about this new blog thing! I probably won't keep it up long! I am ot sure how to comment on others and or get alerts for them? How do I keep track of everyone I use to over at AOL?
We shall see!


Solitary Dancer said...

I found you. Good to see you here.

Stop by and Say Hi.


alphawoman said...

It really is easy. On the "dashboard" page if you scroll down there is a blog alert type of thigie that you can park all the blogs you read. You have to check it for updates. Or use Bloglines and I think there are others, but I use bloglines, so its all I know. It's a little tougher to comment than AOL, but that is a safety issue. I know you will like it once you settle in and test drive it a little.

D said...

gotcha... still trying to catch up.

Linda said...

we will learn this! don't worry we are all new so we will learn together. Linda

Connie said...

This is not anything like AOL's that's why I rarely have used this it's about all we've got
Can we have a funeral for our blogs we are leaving in the dust??LOL
come see me when you get the hang of this mess.

Donna said...

Once you get used to it, Blogger is actually easier than AOL journals.

Jeannette said...

Well, I am here and hope I can get this comment to post. I have deleted the original Blogger journal and set up another under a different name because we are asked not to use the same name as it will cause problems transferring our journals over. New address is on AOL journals, Jeannette's Jottings.
Really struggling with this site at the moment.

Janis said...

Give it does have some nice features! :)


Annie said...

Well hello there! Here's mine...

They're just pic blogs now, but I'll probably make a new one for

Annie =)

Julia said...

It took me awhile to figure out how to even leave a comment. I hear you. Its not the same.


1life2kids said...

You're going to do just fine. It will be hard at first but, give it time and it will come easily to you.<---this is mine. It's set to private.

baldy said...

3:35 A M . Did you get up early or just stay up late ?
I tried way past my bedtime to 'join' and could not give satisfaction to that guy back there that sees all and knows all.
Finally I typed in 'I am giving up'. Started to close out and noticed a lone e-mail.
Reading that e-mail could hardly believe it, instructions were to copy and paste a very long line consisting of numbers, letters and many other symbols which were Greek to me.
However, with the apparent magic , after pasting that up there, to my great surprise came a big message, YOU ARE NOW A MEMBER. CONGRATULATIONS.
I suppose my screen name is
' SAYIT '.
On AOL Journals I was SAMSAYS '. GRAVYDOGG55 - - -,
Oh, I just read down below, says I am currently posting as 'baldy'.

During my temporary unsuccessful attempt last night I forwarded so many names just lost track and was giving up until that magic wand was waved and by-passed the dozens of failed tries.
Right now I am having to relax a moment torealize just what it is that I am doing.
Oh yes, making a comment.
Next willtry to learn how to zero in to locate my new membership page and perhaps make an entry.
To you'ns whom have gotten this all straight in your minds have the time and motivation to offer helpful suggestions, they are welcomed.
Again, I think my screen name is
SAYIT and BALDY comes in there somewhere. thanks, sam

Ally Lifewithally said...

We can ~ will and must make a go of this ~ we cannot let aol beat us ~ Ally x

AGirlNexDoorCreation said...

Hey girl glad you you are here..maybe I can keep up here better who knows...LOL..hope you have a great week my friend..Hugs,TerryAnn

blazensun said...

Hi Sharon.

I'm here following the rest of JLAND.


Family Affair Photography said...

I too was shocked and surprised by AOL's actions. I guess we shouldn't be. See you around here.


Beth said...

Hi, looking forward to reading you!


Celeste said...

You will enjoy this much more.
I did find it easier to just delete spam comments than to keep the capchta on

Leigh said...

Hi, I've been playing around here and kind of have the hang of it. Give it a chance and ask for help! See you soon!
:) Leigh

Missie said...

I think we'll be just fine here! Enjoy your night.

Lori said...

You'll get it Sharon. I see that a lot of people have left you advice in their comments. But if you're still having trouble email me or one of them, and we'll figure it out together. You can do it!

Ally Lifewithally said...

I hope we will be able to learn this one ~ I'm still trying to catch up with everyone ~ :o( ~ Ally x