Sunday, October 26, 2008

Where did the time go?

WOW I can't believe it's been over a week since I posted last!
Times has gotten away from me!
It's been crazy busy here and I don't see it letting up anytime soon!
Well cheerleading is winding down so maybe it will slow down soon!
Bethany is/was doing fine with her arm! Then yesterday we were at her exhibition and when she was doing her interduction HELLO MY NAME is BETHANY! She lost her footing and went down! (I saw it coming). She went to her AC and then I went down from the bleachers, she was in tears but also kept saying she wanted to go back and dance with the girls. I thought we were going to have to go back to the ER her hand looked swollen again, BUT I gave her some medicine when we got home and put ice on it, She seems ok today!
We have a game today, the last one for the season , I told her to do a different "HELLO" jump today! Wish us luck! I hold my breath every time now!
Tomorrow we have the halloween parade, then she has 2 more practice nights, (tuesday & WED) Thursday is the fall fest at the school, friday night is actually going to be NOTHING and then Saturday and Sunday is competition. Then football is over!
I bought a new couch yesterday, it was more then I really wanted to pay, BUT I have NEVER had anything brand new! David never bought me anything new, excpet our bed! It's a sectional with a chase on the end and 2 recliners... It's not the one I really really wanted BUT the one store was giving me the run around about the one I really wanted! So I went to a different store, although I was not happy the way we were first treated when we walked through the door (ignored) and funny thing bethany saw one of those sheeps from the commercial and asked if they were for sale and the sales man walks right by us and says "there not for sale" he wized right on by and didn't even ask if we needed help! So after a while I saw this guy pop out of the break room and I asked him he if worked there and when he said yes I said "well can you assist me?" LOL... Guess I didn't look like I belonged there or something... Wasn't wearing cowboy boots or a cowboy hat or sporting a nascar jacket... He aplogized for not greeting us at the door and not helping sooner!
BUT he asked when I needed the couch! I told him "yersterday" and soo it is coming tomorrow!
Last night I bought the New AC DC CD... LOL say that 10 times real fast!
Now I have to load it to my new phone! WOW I think they are better now then they were back in the day! Guess they are like a bottle of fine wine! :) It's hot!!!!
Got to rap it up BOO is a pain in my butt.... LOL he is bugging me to go on, he bought a new game and wants to play!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More on Bethany

Just some thougths from some comments I received in my last entry!
Sorry I don't remember who said WHAT...

But one about the 911 dispatcher and staying calm, She is real close to Bethany she loves Bethany the most out of all her daughters friends, it was dark at the time and she was just as scared as I was! BUT she was calm when she got here to the house it was just that first call!She seemed scared. She is a good person.

I went to Bethany's practice last night because I was told I had to sign a accident report, When I got there the Head coach or so called director of the squads when I asked about the accident report said there wasn't one, another AC (assistant coach) looked at me and rolled her eyes... She was in the middle of filling it out, (I didn't know that and the eye roll was not at me) When the Head coach walked away I told the AC I thought there was one and she said there is, then she made a comment in so many words that the HC was a bit ditzy. She said she was filling one out now!
The HC changes the rules as she goes along... She told Bethnay's coach that any girl that misses 3 games is out for the season, Bethany's coach says to the HC "your daughters have missed 4!" She changes the subject... It's ok for her girls but no one else! If the girls NOW are 5 minutes late to a game they use to have to sit out the 1st quarter, NOW they are not allowed to cheer the whole game if they are late!
She said next yr she is going to split the squad up into 2 parts one for games and one for competitions... UMMM some girls (Bethany) Wants to do both!
She told Bethany's coach that girls that are late to games will be written up, Bethan't coach reminds her that her daughters are late and she changes the subject!This HC is getting on a lot of peoples nerves!

Bethany went to practice last night and the girls gave her a card! They were talking again at one point and the the teen AC told them they had to do push ups and Bethany pipes up CAN I DO SIT UPS? and the AC said YES. DUH! That girl never came over to me once to speak to me! AND Bethany got the spirit stick too! I have not seen that thing put once the whole season!

This morning Bethany went to school and about a half hour later she got a balloon bouquet delivery from her squad! She will be excited when she gets home!

And WOW I didn't realize that a buckle fracture is the same as a break the DR didn't explain that to me! Her one little friend keeps telling everyone that it isn't a break, when someone would ask Bethany her friend would answer for her!

I will check out that one web site and read more about the type of fracture Bethany has! Thanks for leaving the link in the comments in my last entry!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bethany update

I took Bethany to the orthopedic Dr this morning, she got a bright orange cast! (Halloween).
The coaches who made the girls run(I knew this, just forgot to mention it in the last post) were the teen coaches... And they made them run the extra lap because some were talking! When the adult coach found out what had happened she told the teen coaches that they are NEVER to do that again! Her coach called me this morning to see how Bethany was, I told her and then mentioned that the coaches should not have done that, that if they really want them to run that extra lapthey really should wait till the following night when it is still light out! She agreed and said it would never happen again.
Bethany's friends mom called me this morning after my entry to see how Bethany was and to tell me what really happened.
BUT here she first tripped over a sewer pipe sticking out of the ground and went airborne , J said the girls said it looked like she was doing all sorts of flips and cart wheels, that, that would explain the scraps and scratches and bumps and bruises on her knees, head and elbows and ribs! The she fell into the drain ditch not off of a curb.
Bethany is OK now, some pain! BUT she wants to go back tonight, She wants to be with the girls and see what she can do! I called the mom coach and she said that was fine that she could try , BUT if she can't then she doesn't have to.
Her Dr said she can still cheer BUT the competition would be out since she is a spotter. She can still go to competitions and hang out though!
I may go to practice tonight!
The head coach of all the squads is suppose to call me to fill out a accident report she has yet to do so! I may see her tonight then!

My baby girl :(

Just one thing after another.
As most of you know Bethany is a Cheerleader!
Well last night after my day care kids left and we ate dinner and Bethany went to cheer practice, I decided to take a shower...
Well for some reason instead of getting into my pj's I decided to get dressed, don't know what made me do it, I just did!
I was sitting here on the computer catching up on some mail, and my cell phone rings at 7 O Clock last night, It's Bethany's friend MOM
"Sharon, Bethany fell! It's BAD!!!!" She goes on to say it's her arm (left) her wrist (right) her knee , her leg, her ribs her head! OH MY GOSH she had me thinking Bethany was on her death bed!I tried to call David's cell (3x), her cell (2x) and the house 3 times each and NO one would pick up their lines!
Bethany's friends mom brought her here by car but by the time she got here Bethany was in so much pain We decided to call 911! Bethany's friends mom (J) is a 911 dispatcher so she called and knew what to say, not that I didn't I just nervouse and with her being dispatcher she had fancier words to tell the dipatcher on duty!I told J I was trying to get hold of David and he would not pick up! She called him and he picked up I was pissed! Why the heck won't he pick up when I call! he doesn't know it isn't about the kids! I never call him anymore unless it is an ER about the kids! JERK!!!!
Apparently Bethany fell running full force in the dark, and missed a curb that was about 2 ft high! I am pissed because the coaches made the girls run an extra lap because a few of them were talking, so the coaches made them run! It makes me mad! DON'T make them run a lap in the dark save the extra lap for tomorrow NIGHT before it gets dark! This would NEVER of happened of it was not for that extra lap!
Now my baby is out for the rest of the season and won't be able to do competitions! She is so upset , I feel so bad for her!
Any way the ambulance came and got her and put her in a neck brace and on a back board and at this point J is saying I shouldn't of moved her!
OFF we went...
We got there, waited a little while,she was in so much pain! When they looked over her they felt her knee and left arm and head were going to be ok.... They only took an x-ray of her right wrist. We went back to the hallway ( it was crowded last night). They gave her something for the pain (vicodine) I told them I was allergic to that could it be hereditary ? she went to check and came back and said slim to none, So Bethany took it and started to feel better!
The Dr came back a little later and told us she had a buckle fracture! NOT a break! She had a buckle fracture on that same arm when she was a baby climbing out of her crib. So they put a splint on it and we sat her up to get ready to go home and she started to complain she was dizzy, so we laid her back down, at first I thought it was an allergic reaction to the meds, BUT then I remembered she hadn't eaten since 5 so we gave her some juice and crackers and let her lay a little longer. BUT she was dizzy again we we sat her up again! So we laid her back down again! The third time she was OK and we came home!
I should of called all my day care parents to get the day off, 2 of the three that dropped off this morning told me if I need off (early) call and they can come and get their kids! The other one said hers would not be able to be picked up until after 4!
I need to call the orthopedic Dr's today!
She is home today, she's sleeping right now! I will call the Dr's in a few minutes, after I get my one day care child on her bus for preschool!
I am going to call her Dr too to see if he can give her something stronger for the pain, as the ER Dr didn't send us home with anything!
Need to get back to work!

Friday, October 10, 2008

trying this again

yesterday when I transferred my private journal over here I lost all my comments, I guess I moved it to soon yesterday before they had all the kinks worked out!

SO I am trying this again!!!

I deleted my private J... I did not take you off if you were a reader! I just deleted it!

After this entry I am going to do it again! And will add you again!!!!!

Will probably do it with the other one too while I am at it!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Grow up already

Well as most of you know I am a granma to a grandson that I hardly ever get to see because Brittany choose adoption!
Anyway last night we were in the car with Brittany and her boyfriend ( not the daddy) and I brought up the fact that one of my day care moms looks pregnant, Well Brent says "You couldn't tell Brittany was pregnant!" Well Brent didn't even really get to finish what he was saying when Brittany's bf turned up his radio as loud as he could, to drowned out what Brent was sayin!
GROW the hell up and get over it already will you!
Brittany being pregnant and her having a baby is a FACT of life.... Grow up and get use to it! IF my kids want to talk about it so be it!
I guess he thinks out of sight out of mind!
It makes me really mad that he is like this about the baby, JUST because he does not like the baby's daddy! UGH! So we aren't allowed to EVER mention it to protect his feelings screw the rest of us with our feelings! His are more importnat!
He needs to get the frick over it!!!!!!!! Does he not realize when and if they go to have a baby some day the Dr's are going to have to ask her about any previuos pregnancy! What's he going to do blair his music to drown out the DR!!!!
Oh my gosh Josh is a baby abd didn't do anything wrong, Why can't Brittany's bf just get over it and face that HE ( the baby ) is real and it happend even if he is not here everyday to see and hold! I so bad want to put a picture of my grandson out BUT I can't! @@
Brian brought home a girl he really likes the other day, she had a baby with her, 15 and she's a mom.... BUT that baby is so cute and I could fall in love with her in a minute! IF Brian asks her out I already offered to watch the baby when they go out! I will accept the baby , and Brian does too. I am so glad my boys aren't like Brittany's bf!!!!!!
I am so upset though that he does this though, and when I brought it up to Brittany this morning, she got mad at me. So apparently his feelings are more importnant then her families! :(

Another blog moved

I just moved one of my priavate journals here without a problem!
last night after I moved my one journal here I also had to "import" them too! BUT this one I just did came over without a problem!
Moving the other one here soon too! Now to figure out how to keep at least one of the 2 private! ( I think I will lose all my comments to them though)

I got it

Good Morning!!!!!!!

I finally figured the darn thing out! Now I have 2 blogs!
I may just keep to this one and just keep the other one but not write in it!
BUT wow I had over 1600 post in the AOL one, that's not counting my 2 private journals! Still thinking about moving them here too!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The import

The import of my old journal from aol to here doesn't seem to be working! So I guess I really am Starting Over!!!!

This is my second attempt at trying this...

Guess we shall see...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


how do I fix the time on this thing??? it is not 3 or 4 am where I am! I am EST....

and why do I have to put a code in after I write a post?

it says something about a limit amount of post a day! I posted over 30 last night and did not need to do a code, now today they are asking me for one!

hey everyone

Good Morning! Hope everyone had a peaceful night and or day where ever you are reading this from!

There seems to be some confusion from a few of my entries!

I am moving entries from my AOL journal archives (private) journal to here!

Those who were are on my praivate journal understand the Nov 2007 entries!
And some are just now reading this for the first time!

I posted about 23 OLD post last night from my private journal archives (2007)!

Just a quick recap... last year (2007) my oldest now 18, 17 at the time became pregnant by her now ex boy friend... She gave birth to a little boy NOV 5 2007 and put him up for adoption to a nice christiann family. It was an open adpotion! We get to see him and we get pictures of him too! BUT we have only seen him once.

Sorry if I confused some of my new readers or others that were not on my private journal!

Monday, October 6, 2008

new and old

this is new stuff some old stuff!

btw the sleep over was with 7( counting Bethany) , 9 year olds!!!!!


I am also adding old entries here from my priavte journal... how ever I am losing the comments as I am not sure how to put them here too!

But these few entries I did not want to lose ( since they can't migrate private journals).

Still moving some over!


Sorry some didn't know what I meant by POA...

POA is...Power of attorney!

My uncle and aunt keep boasting they are POA over EVERYTHING!!!!

my cousin on my dad's side was POA of our grandmother. He handled everything!

My mom apparently gave them ( according to them) POA over everything!

and to other comment

WE do know where our mom is they finally told us!
BUT we are not on the vistitors list! :(

Quick Update

What a crazy weekend! Bethany had her sleep over Friday night 6 girls , 4 of which were cheerleaders! They didn't go to sleep until 2am and were up by 6am!!!!!

I think I either got pink eye or scratched my cornea, all day Saturday it hurt to go out in the bright sun light even in the house getting close to an open window killed! I am leaning to a scratch over pink eye because it has not gotten icky and crusty, but it teared like crazy! I wore my sun glasses almost 48 hours straight! It is feeling much better today!

Well I am going to be trying to add some old post here, for you to read to understand this next part of my entry!

My mom is not really doing any better, BUT there for a while they were thinking she may have had a stroke, but her MRI and CAT scans came back negative! PRAISE THE LORD!
I finally got my aunt and uncle to tell us where she is though!
BUT we ( my sister, and I) still are not on her visitors list! Only they are and some lady I never met or heard of until yesterday!

My aunt and Uncle keep boosting how they are POA , so as POA and as bad as my mom is you would think they could over ride her decisions?

They are talking nice to me and all, BUT they are talking down to my sister telling her she needs to get a lawyer for my moms finances! I tell her NO she doesn't they have to since they are POA, and keep bringing it up every chance they get! My cousin ( on my dad's side) even told her that! and I ran it by my ex and he says the same thing! I tell my sister to stand up and tell them "Your POA, you do it!"

BUT my mom still is not well! Some stupid idiot took her off the only medicine that ever worked for her and she was on it over 30 yrs! she was doing good for 20 yrs and now he goes and takes her off and she has no idea who she is ,what day or year it is! She is 62 and has been smoking since she was 13 and does not ever remember smoking!

The Dr's were she is finally put her back on the one medicine , but so far it is not working , BUT I am hoping it will need to take a while to get back in her system! and then she will be back!

Bethany had a game yesterday her team won they have won 3 out of 4 games! YAHOOO Team D.... I sat with the ex the 2nd qt and we talked and were nice to each other! See miracles do happen....

Now we need a miracles and lots of prayers for my mom!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Oh My Goodness.... TGIF!!!! I am so glad this week is over!!! And it ended on a good note! It was my BIG pay week!
BUT boy did I earn my money this week! It was crazy busy here!
And so much drama going on in the family!!!!

Last week was Bethany's birthday! She didn't get to have a party because of all that is going on. But also she was invited to another b-day party last saturday! So I promised her a belated party and a sleep over at that!

So at 6 pm as my last set of day care kids leave , 6 little party guest are due to show up and for a sleep over too! Oh Boy.... This should be FUN!!!

Not Sure

I may have to start a whole new blog... From what I was told I shouldn't have the same title as my AOL journal title... I thought I read just not the same URL... ??? I wonder why you can't change the name of your blog here? Or if you can how???
UGH!!! If I have to start a new one "again" I hope you ALL will follow!
This is a mess!
Why did AOL have to do this???
Well back to the drawing board!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Don't Forget

Just a friendly reminder ....
Don't forget to click!

Not Sure About this

Not sure about this new blog thing! I probably won't keep it up long! I am ot sure how to comment on others and or get alerts for them? How do I keep track of everyone I use to over at AOL?
We shall see!