Monday, September 13, 2010


So I call David, ask him if he sent CS (again) , he says NO he is waiting till the court hearing on Wed... then says "I don't feel like going to this!" HELLO McFly all you have to do is pay CS and we wouldn't have to go to court! And I am out a days pay becuz of it... oh not to mention out 4 months of CS too....
i just wish he had a normal job that took his money from him so I wouldn't have to deal with him... I would be happy all the time becuz I wouldn't have to deal with him at all then.

insert SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rose said...

oh boy girl I have gone through all this before with two dads...long story. My ex was always great with cs, but the daughter's dad was a bum who was always behind. He eventually got caught up only because I went through public aid. Now I look back and the kids are grown and my boys have a relationship with my ex, but my daughter excludes her real dad just like he did to her. It's just sucks when you are in the midst of it and really really need the $$$ sorry!