Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Can I scream? Sure why not, after all it's my blog... I can do and say whatever I want here and if you don't like it, see that little red x up in the right hand corner... use it.

Ok now what has me fit to be tied tonight...

Well Butthead is 4 months behind on child support. We have a court hearing coming up in 14 days. It's so madding though I hate that he won't pay up. He told me nine yrs ago " the kids would never go without" Well they have done nothing but gone without since he left! He is self employed so child support does not get taken out of his pay check, he is suppose to pay it out of the goodness of his heart... Oh wait what heart???

The other night, he swears he paid CS I said he didn't because it would be in my account by now if he paid it when he said he did. Then he tells me he left his 6 yr old mail it!!! WHT????? Is he sure she didn't mix the trash can up with the mail box?

Then he says "well if I could just give you the check myself!" I said "yeah and we all know how well that turned out 8 yrs ago, that's why I ended up taking your ass to court."

So Brian starts his new school tomorrow they want him to dress casual, because you never know when he could be whisked away for a job interview (a really new cool school he is going to). So he has to dress nice. He needed new everything. I asked David for 48 hours if he could take Brian clothes shopping. he kept saying I'll call ya back later, but with him later never comes. I call him back this morning, he tells me to have Bri call him back at 3, Brian calls him and what does he say? I'll call ya back...
So I call at four and this is what I get "Well I decided I will work out a deal with Brian, he HAS to work for his clothes!, He needs to learn to earn his way!" Oh MY FRIGGIN BBBEEEPPPPPP..... You asshole IF you would pay CS I wouldn't be asking you to take him shopping. I would be taking him!!! It's one thing to make him work for something he WANTS BUT for something he NEEDS and from his father who is suppose to MAN UP and take care of his kids!!!!
And he wonders why Brian is so up set with him... His dad has treated him like this since the day he left.

It just makes me so mad that he does this to Brian.

I had to break down and call my mom and ask her to help me with school shopping! I hate doing that. But their own father won't even step up and take responsibility.


Missie said...

I know the X has been a headache to you as far as paying the child support. It's a shame some dads do this to their family. I'm glad you had your mom to go to for help.

Becky said...

oh,his is an eejit, isn't he?