Saturday, September 11, 2010

Second Choice

So a few weeks ago this guy one day walks into the bank and asks Brittany if she knew of any single ladies... Brittany knowing the man well enough "says yeah my mom". They chit chat for a bit and Brittany says "she's seen you a few times at La P" He asks her "what does she think of me?" Brittany tells him " couldn't tell her much about you because you are a customer here!" So he gives her his number to give to me. Tells her to tell me to call him. Me being me ( don't like to make the first call) I call about a week later. We talk for a while, he calls a few nights later and we talk again for a while then it switched to texts only.... then 2 weeks ago he tells me he was sorry for leading me on BUT he was still hung up on his ex gf... So I don't hear from him for 2 weeks until today out of the blue I get one from him... asks me how I am and what I am doing... then the very next text he invites me to go to the beach next weekend with him... WH????? We never even went on a date , don't know him that well... I am tired of being passive and letting guys treat me like I am sitting around waiting for them, So I replied "what about your ex gf?" First time ever I spoke up. he replies that she is not an issue any more... BUT I also told him in so many words I was not comfortable going out of town with him I barely know him, that we should go on a date in town a few times. An over night date the first time?
I think he took it well and is ok with it, and said he would be ok with going on a few dates first. BUT now I guess it's a "we shall see!"
I don't want to be a back burner babe or second choice.


Java said...

Hi Sharon!

I came across your blog and I wanted to let you know that I am now following you. Please follow me back if you'd like to!

I would like to invite you to join the Over 40 Bloggers Club!! Take a look and join in the fun!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!!

Cathy said...

People treat us in the manner we project I'd say. 3 young women sitting at a bar is considered "women alone" and it's antiquated thinking. It's not us who needs to change. Good post :-)

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

What every happened to old fashioned courtship?

Dokemion said...

You made a good decision.

Let him get over his past and move on to do what's right when trying to start on a new relationship.