Monday, September 13, 2010


As I laid in bed last night a few lyrics popped to mind... I love lyrics to certain songs... I once was told to listen to a song called "angel eyes" from this guy I was in a relationship with... he tells me "but don't read into it!" Hello don't tell me to listen to a song but don't read into it. What's the point in listiening to it then? The following day he broke it off with me.
Then there was this other song that was once thrown into a text I was having with someone, not the song but a line from it, and it often makes me wonder what he was thinking when he said it... Now every time I hear the song I think of him and the text. I wonder if he thinks of me when he hears the song. I dare not mention the song or the text because if he happens to be lurking, surly he will know who I am talking about, he seems to always know when my facebook post are about him.

any who I'm just thinking out loud and just wanted to type them.

I just love music!

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