Thursday, March 12, 2009

He's just Not that into you

funny thing is that was our first date movie that we saw together!

and here I told him I was into him, after asking the waitress for a take home box!!!

in the movie the guy tells the girl "and the girl isn't into the guy when she asks for a take home box on the first date!"

I asked the waitress for one and looked at him with a wink and said "don't worry I am!"

foolish me!!!!


Monica said...

What does the movie know! I asked for a take home box too on my first date with my husband.

That was a cute movie though.


Missie said...

I don't know if that movie makes a good date night movie! LOL

D said...

If a guy discounted me for every time I got a take out container then the one I'm with now would be history! Heck, I got one today for dinner.