Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Brain Freeze

I haven't written here in a while, because I don't have much to write about! I have brain freeze and no life to go along with it...

Let's see my love life? That's a joke... What love life?
WOW I thought I felt alone when I was single... Feeling alone when you are suppose to be with someone sucks more then being alone single! I haven't seen Rob in almost 2 weeks, every time he says he is going to come over "something" comes up! So I just don't get my hopes up any more like I use too, once again I am use to rejction. I won't get all giddy and excited till I see the white of his eyes! There for a while it was almost every other day... and even once in the very beginning ,it was 4 days in a row. I don't know, I really like him a lot I do... I'm not a needy person , BUT at the same time I like companship! And how are we ever going to figure out if it is meant to be if we never get to spend any time together? I feel like I am in a long distance relationship, and I have BTDT before, BUT the thing is we dated local for a year and a half before he took off for college for the other 4.5 yrs of our courtship. So our relationship was pretty much grounded and nurtured. This when I get there I get there, Oh I'm not getting there is really making it diffcult.

And it's official I am FAT!!!! According to my neighbor anyway... Last Saturday he yells from across the way "HEY NEIGHBOR!" then with an added "ARE YOU PREGNANT?"
Gee thanks a lot!!! I felt like saying something back (a come back) something about him being dickless... BUT for once was at a lost for words! ME!!! can you imagine me sarcastic Sharon speechless?

So as of now I am on a diet and will do whatever it takes to lose 20 pounds!
Sorry "D" if I look like I've been hitting the crack pipe(your words) ! I rather look like that then fat and pregnant!!!

So since this diet has started I have lost about 4 pounds! I've cut soad out of my diet 6 almost 7 weeks ago. Haven't had a drop of it. I cut down on iced tea too and drink lots of water, a juice with Acai berry in it, and protein water. I eat a very small breakfast, little if any lunch ( salad) and then a normal dinner with a loooong power walk after wards. With a green tea pill too!

Kids are all doing well! Bethany won't be in the Fashion Bug fashion Show like she was in the yrs past! Fashion Bug stopped selling her size clothes! And my size too!!! Can you believe they did that, especially in this economy? They just lost three customers! LOYAL customers at that too! Bethany was disappointed when we went to sign her up last night, and they told us the news! Well she did get a 30 dollar pair of jeans for 5 dollars out of it though, since they are discontinuing her size! I should go back down and get her a few more for the next few years! Guess it won't be to long before fashion bug goes out of business altogether! Especially when Target finally gets here, and in the same shopping center as FB!

Well so much for having brain freeze...
BUT it wasn't all that either... I promise, I will get back to this blog, with something interesting. I just have to find something interesting to get back here with.


mortonlake said...

we all get like it sharon,no sorry the relationship is going through a bad patch,but maybe he really has had problems?give him the benefit of the can always hit him with a frypan take care,and take no notice of cruel look fine mort xxx

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hang in there, sometimes some time apart makes things work out better.