Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sister vent

my sister just doesn't get it... she doesn't think she casued my mom to get sick, of course it's not 100% her fault , my mom was abused pretty much from birth till my dad died! well then my sister pretty much picked up where my dad left off. But
she swears up and down "she didn't do it" she didn't cause my mom to get sick! they didn't fight that bad ( her words) she doesn't realize that just a little here and there adds up and there is only so much a person can take! I just want to tell her to grow the heck up it's not all about her and she did cause some of our moms problems, she sure didn't help the situation!
I hate when the phone rings 9 out of 10 times I let the machine pick up, yesterday I answered it and it was her, I dreaded picking up , I need to let the machine get it, she complains the whole conversation and I can't deal with it, it's not who I am, I often wonder how I ended up the way I did , care free happy go lucky let it roll off my back like a duck in rain type when I lived the situation for 17 yrs too?
It really annoyed me when she made the comment yesterday that she didn't have the time to deal with karen and scott that she was trying to make ends meet, the thing is it's not about karen and scott it was about our mom and I am trying to make ends meet too BUT with 4 kids and no child support!I am still trying to figure out how and what to do to help OUR mom!

My sister is almost 44 years old will ever get it, that it's not all about her?
She never had kids so I don't think she will get it! BUT then again I have a few freinds who are in their 40s with no kids and they get it!

My sister is coming up sat and we are taking our mom out, susan will pretned everyhting is peachy that there is nothing wrong with mom, BUT she will will bitch about how she was made to move out and yadda, yadda ya... take my mom back to her home and act as if we are one big happy family, it's pretty messed up!

I am going to try and see if my mom either want to move here or try and get in that appartment down the street! it goes by income and she could only have to pay 492. a month or 692 depending... BUT 692 is the highest! I hate her in that home. if she were closer I could see her more! and she could see her grand kids more!

Please keep us in your thougths and prayers!

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Connies Photos said...

Hope she deceides to move close to you--she needs to destress and you would help that -alot...