Wednesday, May 27, 2009

lots of prayers needed for Brian!

lots of prayers needed for Brian!

He signed himself into a hospital last night! (monday night now)
I am going on 2 hours of sleep since monday morning 8am...
Poor Bri I was never so scared for him... Him and Don had it out and I believe that was the final straw... I went to the store with Bethany and came home to ask for help with the cases of soda and brian came out of his rooom so upset and in tears to the point I didn't know what he was saying... he scared me! He got out "I need help, I'm sick... I am having thought!"
My neighbor took us to the hospital at 5:30 LGH couldn't take him because of his age... BUT we sat there for transport 7.5 hours to go to another hospital... I called his dad to fill him in... his response was ... after I told him what brian's thoughts were..."HMMM" then he went on to say how Don was a BIG part of his problem! HELLOOOO!!!!
This coming from the "dad" who wlks into the house, ignores Brian who is less then a ft from him to say "HEY Boo , want to hit golf balls with me later this week!" Brian who says "What about me dad?" David says "you can hit golf balls too" Brian says I don't want too, David says "what do you want to do! Brian says "bowling" david says "what about roller skating?"


then don and Bri had a huge fight

and then Bri had a complete break down and he is in a hospital an hour away. And I am the only one on the visitors list, he didn't want hi sister or dad on the list. I told david , not sure how he took it, he didn't say much when I told him that! Bri made the list! I wrote it, he told me who to put!

OH and Ang knows a lot of this already!

even the part about Brittany and Don maybe moving out!

I told Brittany that they have till ?-X-02 to save and find a place! She took it like I thought she would , all pissy at first BUT she knows the door is always opened to her IF things don't work out with her and Don . I told her I love her and her brother very much , BUT if she want to be with Don I understand! BUT this is Bri's home BEFORE Don's. Since they were 19 and 21 they need to get out on their own! I stopped rent and she doesn't have to pay me back for the bird. Don starts work soon so they should have plenty saved up for a place by aug 1 IF they are short a a few ( no more the 2) hundred I will give it to them!

BUT I want my Bri Guy back!

Please pray!!!!!


Ally Lifewithally said...

Keeping Brian in my Thoughts and Prayers ~ I hope everthing goes well for him ~ Ally x

Missie said...

I'll be sure to include Brian in my prayers!!

LdyRoxx said...

Poor have his Dad messing with him like that. I can understand.

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Keeping Brian in my Thoughts and Prayers

Teresa said...

You and Brian both are in my thoughts hon...hold tight and hold close. Hugs, Teresa