Thursday, May 7, 2009

No more yesterdays

I am so glad yesterday is over!!!! What a nightmare I had, and of course the EX is of no help!!!!
My 16 yr old went missing and his dad could of cared less, half of Lititz was looking' for him ALL BUT his dad! Brian didn't come home after school. They get out a little after 3 and he sometimes walks to the day care with his friend to get her baby, well the latest he normally gets home from that is 4:30, 4:30 comes and goes no Brian, 5pm comes and goes NO BRIAN, I call his dad at 4:30 and then again at about quarter of and then I called his I called Brian's gf I told her if he was she needs to tell me and not cover for him it will just make things worse, I told her I was getting ready to call the COPS.So I called his dad a few more times asked his dad for help all I got was "HUMMM" I said "Can you jump in your van and help look?" I got a "HMMM" as if I was putting him out! My neighbors were bending over backwards to help .I called my friend Amy and David again, he is of NO help, So I called Rob to see what my options were, he told me the police wouldn't do anything for 12 hours! He said he was serving papers but would come over and help me too! 2 of my day care kids were still here, she calls me to tell me she is going to be late, 40 minutes late, I told her have her bf come get the kids then because I have a bit of an ER here, funny thing is she ended up getting here within 20 minutes, something tells me she was with her bf and not at work. So the day care left and I went to Amy's to talk to her husband, he said Why don't you call him on his cell? I told him I took it from him, he was grounded, what does he do with his kids and their cell when they are grounded? He said parent control, I didn't know they had that! I called david yet again, asked him if he could go around town to look and he sounded so put out! I asked him to call Brian's gf too, to see if he gets the same story! he said WHY??? ummmm because we were teenagers at one time too david you tell me why! He even sounded put out by making a call. My neighbor told me to call the police anyway ( despite the 12 hour thing). Especially since Brian is always saying he is going to run away.
so I did call the police, then I was told to go home and wait for them to show up! when I got back to the house Brian just walked threw the door too... 3.5 hours after school! I called the police back to let them know he came back! I called Rob too, BUT he still showed up anyway! Brian says he was at the park with his friends and it was my fault because I took his ... cell phone! I told him the 2 people he told me he was with had cells he could of used their phone for 30 seconds to let me know where he was! He told me know one cares! I told him IF I didn't care I wouldn't of called the police and told them to a T what he was wearing, his gf called back to see if he came home and his friend that he normally walks to day care with came down later to see if he came home!
He just upsets me thinking I don't care! WOULD I of gone through all that IF I didn't care!?
David has been like that since the day he walked out on us! and I would bet my bottom dollar Brian is acting out like this to get his dad's attention and he couldn't even get it ( his attention) tonight either!he picks favorites with our kids and makes it known too! IT shows BIG time who his favorites are! it's very sad.
Rob tried talking to Brian and scaring him about dentention halls, he seems to think he will have it better there then he does here!

Thanks to ALL those who were there for me! Rob< Amy, Michelle, Brett, Casey, Bill, Corry....

SO NEEDLESS TO SAY I gave him his cell phone back with parental controls on it! he can ONLY call ME, Brittany, HOME and his dad! and no texes either, I think he can Tex the people he can call!
I didn't know about parental controls on a cell until Bill told me about them! Thanks BILL!!!!


Joyce said...

And this is why mother's hair turns white. What a scary time for you. There is so much meaness in the world that you never know what might have happened. I'm glad he's alright. Bless you Hun.
Hugs, Joyce

Cathy said...

If I can, as a mom of adults now I remember my kids did things to rile me, certainly get my attention on them in a fierce way, and they had no idea the angst they put me though. Sorry about David not being more naturally paternal but everyone's different you can't instill an ethical concept in someone eh? I'd talk to Brian while doing something just the 2 of you, he might need his mom more at 16 than at 6. After all, his hormones are insane at his age lol. Good luck.

Robin said...

While the parental controls can vary from provider to provider, I'm glad that you've found out about them. If David felt that not enough time had passed to be concerned, he could have told you that, or told you something. You know your kid and his routines. It's nice that his g/f called you back later to ask about him, etc. I know I'd have been worried, us mothers do worry. I'm so glad he's safe, Sharon. He should have been more responsible. And, Cathy has a point -- I know you're parenting more than one child, but as David's not as vinvolved w/ parenting, perhaps you can try to find some one on one time with Brian.

Connies Photos said...

Good grief.I went through all this's no picnic and the kids have no clue how gut wrenching it is when you don't know where they are or how they are or what has happened.I feel for you going through this..especially without their father caring enough to be sick to death about it with you...many hugs