Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Every other weekend.....

I had it out with david friday night (5-15-09)! I told him to step up and be a dad! After Brent pushed me, while get out of his dad's van. his reply? Honest to God , his reply! "I am a dad every other weekend!"

he is the biggest jerk ever! we had it out in the drive way... it brought the neighbors out!
and believe it or not the new wife was agreeing with almost everything I said to him!
it just blows me away that he said that though! "I am a dad every other weekend!" So does that mean since he when has the kids on his weekend (only because I begged him) I am not a mom on his weekend?
he also told Brent after Brent told him he NEEDED shoes , David told him "If your good I will buy you shoes!" this coming from a butthead who has not paid support since Jan!!!! well EXCUSE ME he paid one month... he is still behind 3 months... so what he did pay last month does not count!
my neighbors asked if his wages were "garinshed" I said "NO he is self emplyed, he has to pay out of the goodness of his heart!"

Oh wait he has no heart was my response!!!

from what the kids tell me the second wife was putting him in his place from the get go! I should of done that from day one! BUT I was being the "bible wife" . And bending over backwrds to please my husband! I was shocked though that she was agreeing with me with the things I was finally telling him after 19 yrs!
NOW I just feel like crying! you've seen pictures of my kids! how can he deny them like that? how can any man do that to their kids! ANYONE can be a sperm donor! it takes a REAL man to be a dad!

Now I just want to cry how can he deny his own flesh and blood, Things are been nuts here. I have day care kids here every day from 6 to 6 and then my kids. No time to breath! Been having a lot of trouble with Brian and Brent. I feel like I am losing control of them! And their dad is of no help! I just don't get how he can do and say what he does, I don't get it.
I just feel like I can't take my kids any where any more, they act out so bad!
David still has not paid child support and now we have a court hearing date set for the 29th of May! He has only paid 2 months of support this year!
I sure could use some prayers , we need all the prayers we can get. Maybe for the boys to start listening again, and for David to step up and help parent! When I asked him to step up and be a dad and help out, he told me "I am a dad every other weekend!" WHAT? I am a mom 24/7. How is he only a dad every other weekend? Brian is so hurt and upset over how his dad treats him, I think that has a lot to do with why Brian is acting out, But David doesn't get it, instead he tells people I am a bad mom. He just loves to shift the blame. My heart breaks for my kids! He picks favorites and has the balls to say I am a bad mom!

OH and his weekends this yr? can be counted on one hand! He took them the weekend of 1-11-09, 2-21-09 and May 15,09.

ANY EXCUSES FOR HIM NOW??? "She'll" probably come up with one "She" e-mailed me one from my last post! Wish I could block ONLY "her" instead of going private!


Missie said...

Good for you! Gotta feel bad for the kids in all this. It's a shame their dad doesn't help more.

Christy said...

Being a biblical wife doesn't mean being a dormat, just the opposite. That's a complete slap in the face to the many of us who ARE and who have husbands who are biblical husbands.

Just because he's self-employed doesn't mean there's not power, they could put him in jail. Hopefully the threat of that will make him straighten up and pay and help support his children, who he doesn't get to just "play" dad every other weekend, that's an idiotic statement.

Sharon said...

well Christy my ex is an idiot!everyone who meets him for the first time, even though he plays all Mr Sweet and father of the yr, can see right through him.
He hasn't called here all week to see how the kids are.
And my ex was suppose to be a christian too.

Connie said...

Our son is a semi-owner operator-he drives for companies but he is the owner (ie.self-employed).His wages are garnished-you need to go to jobs and family services and have them attach his wages and you should get back CS .Why should he get by with not supporting his children and spend that $$ on his new family..his first children should not be cast aside like a puppy you no longer want.Since he went off to play -leave him very little to play with-it's not a vendetta-it's the law!!And your kids are hurt that their daddy is not acting like a dad should.But don't give in to them thinking you have to make up for his absence..they will take advantage of that and really get out of control.let them know thier behavior is unaccepatble and you want to get along in a loving household not one with always having to discipline them.That's what all kids want is to be held and loved -no matter what their age..they want that security.Oh i do hiope you didn't mind me sticking my two cents in.I just see this going on so much these's not right and I don't know what I would have done if I had been in that situation..but it's easier when you can sit back and see others going through it as to what to say to maybe help.Good luck...many hugs,connie