Monday, December 6, 2010

So it's over before it really even started

It's good though, I am alright. it wasn't a healthy relationship any way.. even though it was new... I felt myself slipping back to the person I was when I was with David and that is not a good thing!
The guy I was dating was literally my ex b4 David we dated when we were 15/16 he broke up with me back in 82 and the very next day I started going out with David. but what 28 yrs later who pops up on fb? He does I friend request him just for shits and giggles , next thing I know he is asking me out... but it's been rocky from the get go... he is still married divorce is not final till march. He smokes and smokes WAY to much! drinks till he passes out and has no friends! is a home body. Am I any of those???? talk about water and oil / night and day. He also would tell me I was retarted for beleiving in God, Heaven and Hell...
It was funny cuz his kids are great and I would sit there and talk to his son ( Brittany's age) and I would tell him stories about my friends and I would start out with "my friend" with each story I told, and I told 30 some stories and no lie 20 of the stories were about different friends, at one point he stops me and says "boy you have a lot of friends!"
Oh and get this I am screwing my neighbor BECAUSE I have his phone number in my cell phone, my neighbor texted me while I was with my bf and he got all pissed off ( the bf did) cuz I have my neighbors number in my phone, I tell him he looks out for me and the kids and my house, don't you have your neighbors number? NO YOUR SCREWING HIM. oh ok if you say so!!! ( he should of felt good knowing there was someone looking out for his girl and her kids when he wasn't around, am I wrong?)... Then he tries to tell me I CAN'T go to La P.... SAY WHAT???? I don't think so, so that night when he brought me home guess where I went??? LOL yup LA P... OH Guess what I am screwing the owner there too!!! I wish ;) I felt like saying that to him but yeah he was drunk and getting pissed didn't want to push the limit...
So he drops me off home last Sunday and says "see ya around!" it didn't dawn on me till after what he said so I didn't get in contact with him waited to see if he would contact me... NOPE so late last night I sent him a text asking if he had broke up with me and told him why I thought that.... I got back "I don't want to talk to anyone!"
OK bye bye!!! I didn't say that I just didn't text back...


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sounds like you are better off without him.

Jeanie said...

You certainly don't need him controlling your life!

Jeanie xx

Precious said...

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