Monday, December 13, 2010

The *ITCH is back

So David calls this morning and asks What is Brian's problem I tell him YOU (apparently Bri has rejected his calls and removed him from his fb pg), he says Y... I tell him because of the way you treat him, he says what do you mean? I tell him about the reports cards.. He says he was away, I tell him he gave Boo and Little B their money right away, he should of given Bri his the same night, Then he says something stupid like he always does (excuses) and I tell him he has been treating Bri like that forever, all I get is an "OH" not an I am in shock OH, oh as in "so and what's your point oh!"... He just doesn't get it...

Then he starts in with how he tried to renew his passport, I said "pay child support then!" he says "I need it for work!" again I said "pay CS if you need it that bad"... I ask since when do you need it for "work" the only time u use the pp is for fun going to Paris... He gives me some sob story... Again "You want it pay child support!" I tell him I have no control over it, I had nothing to do with it Neither did domestic relations that the state did it! I tell him if he wants it ( his pp) back bad enough find some where to borrow the money. He is so many words said he had no plans on paying... I said looks like you won't be getting your pp any time soon then. I tell him next they will go after is drivers license . he then says "SO I don't need to drive another day in my life, I don't care!" Should of told him he would be Bubba's bitch with an attitude like that.... BUT yeah he tried to blame me on his passport being revoked just like I knew he would.... BOO FREAKING HOO.... I said BYE in the coldest voice I think I ever used... and ended the conversation. I have nothing ever to say to that man ever again.
D R called me last week to tell me he tried to renew it and what had happened. what would of been even better is IF he really did need it for work and he didn't know he was denied and he was at the airport trying to use it in front of the people he was doing business for and they took it from him then and there! That would of been pricless.

My house is falling apart at the seams and I need a plumber if it wasn't for the bucket under the leak I would have a built in pool. my water heater is broke I have to rig it and Christmas is coming and he could care less. these are his kids that have to live in this condition all because he thought the grass was greener on the other side.If it wasn't for my church and a friend from back home to help me with the leak... I was so close to just walking away from the house and letting it go.

Sad part of it all Boo (Brent) is home from school sick today and heard the whole thing.

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LdyRoxx said...

It's hard to believe he's still pulling these same old tricks. So sorry for you and the kids, y'all don't deserve it.