Friday, December 17, 2010

It isn't slander if it's the truth

David owes close to 6 grand in CS he lost is passport they won't let him have it back and he claims he needs it for work... Well if he needs it he should pay his CS.

UPDATE:  he called me earlier this week and says him and domestics came up with this idea and if I would go along with it he can have his pp back...

So here was the "deal" he would pay D R his normal CS amount plus give me an extra 500 a month cash straight... I told him NO, he said he needed his PP for work my answer PAY YOUR CS... so he was BUT I am going to pay that plus 500 in cash! I told him I didn't trust him just pay your CS... WELL he keeps calling here saying, in voice mails , call me we need to discus my PP.... So I called domestics and asked/told them what he told me of what "they" came up with. She said NO we didn't we can't do that we are just the middle man.... Here he wants me to "forgive him" for the 5 grand he owes me and start clean!!! my answer???? NO WAY IN HELL... These are his kids too. I asked her also IF we were to bring in a signed note with my signature would they call me and make sure it is legit... I told them because he has forged my signature before. He just thinks he is above it all. His Godly complex is worse than Tom Cruise's

BUT now he is calling here and his trying to bully me , in his sweet talking ways to go along with HIS deal... I told him I didn't trust him and asked him if "DO you blame me?, we tried CS between ourselves the first yr, he stopped and that's why we ended up at domestics relations ( he doesn't remember that) ... BUT now he is trying to strong arm me into doing it his so he can have his way!!! NOPE he wants his PP I want my CS . HE wants his cake and eat it too and the kids suffer again in the end. It's all about him!BUT he isn't getting his way. He just needs to call his mommy and daddy and say "look I am a dead beat I screwed up I owe 6 grand in support to get my pp back, can I have a loan?"   his parents think their son is the greatest dad... they don't have a clue!
I just got my number changed so I didn't have to screen my calls and now because of him I have to screen them again.

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