Saturday, September 19, 2009


( I wrote this last night but am only positng it now) I was 2 seconds away from calling the police here on Brian tonight he
stole over 50.00 he gave 20.00 back... he still lies over the other
30.00 !!! I just got paid an hour before he stole it! He couldn't wait a day or 2 until I started to spend it? He went to his dads for the weekend I can't take it any more! He sucks at lying and stealing! He is the worlds worst liar!

and it pisses me off too because I support his ass! I have been busting
my butt to make ends meet and david has not paid support in 2 months
and he goes and steals from me! I went off on him I am surprised the neighbors didn't call the police on me for screaming! it had to sound like someone was being murdered! it just makes me so mad that he is pretty much stealing from his brother and his sister.... And even after he handed back the twenty he still denied taking it from me! I told him then he is a dealer because there is no other way he would of gotten it! and I was missing 2 twentys and a ten! got back one twenty, still missing the other! I have noticed my money going down , but I thought that was because I was spending to much and not keeping track, buying things here and there for the start of school! I never thought he would steal from me
seeing the way we struggle!!! I am so pissed right now I don't want
him back in the house!!! He went with his dad tonight so I could hang
with friends for a bit! I won't keep a penny in my wallet any more! don't think his therapist is of no help when I talk to him he really
just "hmmmm!" and when i was talking to david about it , he was making a joke of it! brought up some stupid scene in the ice age movie?
Brian says I keep changing my story! BUT I don't keep changing how
much I am missing! The day care father just paid me when he picked up his daughter! I didn't go any where to spend it! Then Brian made a comment about my money being in my purse! HELLO how did he know it was there! 8 out of ten times my wallet is on the table! Stupid me! you know lately I thought I was missing money but with the start of school and the kids saying I need this or that... I wasn't keeping track of it to well! Better believe I will be keeping better track now! So if Brian says he needs new shoes next week I will tell him since he stole from me I can't afford it! Brian he acts younger then Bethany.... sometimes even younger then the 4 yr olds I watch! The Dr's did an evaluation on him in the hospital and they says that he acts and thinks like a 9 yr old!!! Bethany doesn't even do or say half the stuff Brian does!
So next week when one of them need something I will have to say NO ! I plan on saying NO to Brian if he needs something... I'll tell him he has money get it himsel.! it's not in my budget! You know Brain still swears he didn't steal it from me, even as he was handing 20 of it back! he looked at me swore it was his! I asked him where he got it! Told him either it is my money or you are a drug dealer because you don't have a job! not a legit one any way! he looks me straight in the eye and lies, even though he has been caught and knows I know he is lying!
You know and david says divorce doesn't mess kids up!
Brian hates his life!

Brent hates Christians....Brent now claims he is atheist and we are all crazy loons for having "A God"
I don't even bother waking Brent to go to church... I know that is probably not the right move! BUT I don't want to go to church on a sour note!
it all started last yr after his science teacher and the "big bang" lesson! and what makes it worse is his science teacher is a christian! He bought a book on Darwin... I wouldn't pay for it, I told him if he wanted it, he would have to pay for it, so he did! I told him he should buy the one that disputes Darwin and read it too and then form his own opinion! he won't do that! Guess he is afraid of the truth!
he bought a CD by a guy named Brian Welsh he use to be in the group KORN well he became a born again christian and left the band.... he got baptized ( he looked just like Jesus) any way his new cd sounds awful... BUT if you listen to it he sings about thanking God for still being alive after all he has done in his life! and the very first person he thanks on his CD is GOD.... when I researched this on line and read Brent's cd case and pointed it out to Brent! Brent's reply was... "he is brainwashed!" One night I asked him where he comes up with some of his crazy ides he told me he makes it up! I told him "oh that's real intelligent!"
He (Brian Welsh) also wrote a book by the same name of one of his songs "save me from myself" I am thinking of getting it for Brent! Brent just finished 7th and is in 8th this yr! I know it was the science class! and his teacher is a christian... he should IMO of told the kids I am a christian ,I don't believe in this but I have to teach it!
he claims he stopped believing in God when he found out about Santa!

so much fun!

so far Bethany is still on the right track, she hasn't hit her double digits in age yet... So that could change soon too... She's 10 in 5 days!


Christy said...

Sharon I have a friend who's a new Christian (she was baptised a few weeks ago!! Praise JESUS!), well her daughter's rebelling and trying to say she's an athiest too...Terri told her "fine, but you're going to go to church to know what it is you are not believing in", so just a thought! Her daughter is the same age as Brent! Her daughter is at church every Sunday, looks bored to death, but after church Terri asks her about the sermon, because she wants to make sure she's at least listening to the truth. Terri's husband is not a Christians (yet) so if you'd pray for Billy to come to Christ. He just returned from a deployment, and was at church Sunday, so it's a great start!!! Praying for you, and that Brian and Brent will both give their life to Christ.

Joann said...

I don't know how old Brian is, but if he's 18, he has alot to lose by stealing from you if you're strong enough to throw him out. If he's not yet 18, make him go to church with you on Sundays; get him a Christian counselor; and take him to a dr. to make sure he's not an addict of some kind that needs the money. Also hide your money, but don't forget about other things of value in the house... electronics, jewelry, etc. that could be sold for cash on the street.

MOST of all, keep praying for your kids... I've seen some real miracles happen when MOTHERS pray!!

Missie said...

I'm so sorry you're going thru all this crap. I would be more worried what he's stealing money for! What could be so darn important to him to make him steal from his mom?

Hope you have a good week.

nzforme said...

I know many people who accept scientific explanations for the world around us (or are scientists themselves) and are still considered good Christians by themselves and their church. Some people accept evolution but still see a divine hand in the ability to evolve; some accept the Big Bang but see God as the spark that set it off. At Brent's age, he's questioning everything. Maybe instead of setting up faith and science as an "either/or" choice, perhaps you could help him investigate churches that make room for both science and God.