Saturday, March 31, 2012

bad blogger... trying to catch up!

I know I have become a bad blogger... I end  en tires with to be continued..., but then leave my readers hanging!

Where to being? or is where to pick back up?
I guess maybe where I left off? 
Brian spent 111 days in rehab. The first 2 weeks home he was doing Great.. Then he got some money and hooked up with his "old" friends and found himself relapsing. He is currently back in rehab and has been there 2 weeks... he is suppose to do 28 days. Not sure what 28 days will do, if 111 days didn't work? His one counselor says a recovery house after this, but Brian says NO way! Plus Brian says it cost? Not sure insurance will cover that! The day Brian left for rehab this second time, the morning of a place of employment had called and offered him a job, he had to decline.
I know drug addiction is a  disease, but I just wish I understood it better.
His stepmother is of no help, but what's new with that? 11 yrs now and she is still not the sharpest tac in the box. Brian also suffers from ADHD, Major depressive disorder (MDD) anxiety and one thinks bi-polar. Brian was on medicines for that, But Fugly told him to stop taking those medicines that he does not need them. And that is when I think he "slipped!"  Brian and I got into it at one point about his addiction and other things! He tells me "You don't know a thing about addicts and addiction!"  I said "Your right Brian I don't! BUT I understand depression, and bi-polar and anxiety!" as I was raised in a house with parents who both suffered from it. I told him he needs to stay on the medicines that the Dr has prescribed for him and to stay off the street drugs. Had he stayed on the medicines the Dr wants him on perhaps he wouldn't of relapsed? But what do I know? I am just his mom?
Now Brian is due to come back home on April 14th. We shall see, I hope this time he got it.... BUT
One day at a time, right? 

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Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Tough duty, I have been dealing with this with my brother for more than 20 years, never gets easier.