Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My head is spinning

I was going to write so much more about Charlie... But so much more has happened since I last posted. I should of wrote the very next day while the thoughts were still fresh in my head, before my world turned up side down. Things are still great with Charlie and I. I can't believe he is still standing by me with all that is going on. I thought he would of been gone long ago. I never met such a strong devoted man in my life.
As a lot of my followers that have been with me since the AOL days know that my ex husband father of my 4 kids has never been a hands on dad. Charlie has been here for my kids more in the last ten months then the ex has been in the last 10yrs.
I am so over whelmed. So many people tell me I am strong, there are many days I don't feel strong at all. Sometimes I wonder if the ex would of been more of a hands on dad would Brian be where he is today? Should of could of would of no scene in wondering all that now, Time to concentrate on the here and now and do what I've done all on my own for the last 10 yrs without the help of their dad, and that is getting Brian better. BUT Brian needs to want it too. 
Over the summer Brian met some new friends, wrong crowd kinda of friends. Even though he is 18 and these friends are 15, and 16. Brian doesn't always act and think like a 18 yr old. He caves easily to peer pressure and wants everyone to like him. If they tell him to jump he says HOW HIGH...  He would give them the shirt off his back! He gives them all is money when ever he gets any! They know he has money and they ask him for it. He thinks if he says NO his friends won't like him.  Well him and his friends started experimenting with pot. Then come to find out it went from there to K2!!!   WHAT???  I never heard of K2 in my life... K2 is also known as "fake weed" "spice" or "incense" 
Then I hear on the news that they made this stuff illegal, there were ingredients in it that put it in the category of heroin! How scary is that? And the things this stuff can do to a person smoking it. you don't know what your getting in K2, Why on earth would anyone take the chance of experiencing hallucinations, severe agitation, elevated heart rate and blood pressure, vomiting and, in some cases, tremors and seizures. I tried getting through to Brian how bad the stuff is for a person. Even told him one guy died smoking this stuff from one that was laced rat poison. Brian says that's because he smoked home made stuff!  HELLO it's not like it is a box of cereal and made in a factory, this K2 stuff is homemade! They took the illegal ingredients out of the K2 to make it legal again,   The specific compounds prohibited under the new DEA ban are: JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-200, CP-47,497, and cannabicyclohexanol.
He disappeared 2 days last week showing up at other peoples homes telling them I kicked him out of the house!  I told him even though he is 18 he is living in my home he has to live by my rules. So he snuck out jumped the back fence and snuck off like a 14 yr old instead of walking out the front door. The second night he was at this persons house he was caught by this persons parents smoking this stuff and he was asked to leave. He doesn't remember this. He spent his whole pay check on K2 and a bowl to smoke it in.  He got hungry and cold and came back Sunday night for warm food and a warm bed and a hot shower. 
He called his one therapist Sunday night and asked for help!!!
Brian is now in a habilitation program, gone for at least ?? days , not sure yet as there is no contact for the first 7 days.
When I was telling some friends about this k2 stuff I was surprised as to how many parents with kids my kids age never heard of this stuff. Parents please educate yourself on this stuff.... I am adding a link(s)... I hope you take the time to read it.

and then there is the other stuff called  
bath salts


Well think I will stop here for now...

PS: Parents need to be aware. Some stores like mini marts who are not ran by Americans sell this to our minors!! They do not card. Even though Brian is 18 where he bought his stuff I have recently found out the owner of this shop does not card when people come in to buy tobacco products of any type... They don't care who they sell too they just want to make a quick buck!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Some dangerous shit out there. Stay Strong.

Michelle said...

Hi Sharon!

It's nice to reconnect- thanks for adding me on FB. I remember you blog!

Hope to catch up soon!

I will keep Brian in my prayers - and all of you.


PS: I have a blog- its not all that interesting though lol.