Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Went to my oncologist today and he gave me a clean bill of health! NO cancer! He said I can even stop taking my chemo pill!!!! I still have about 2 weeks left, he said I can finish them up if I want, that I don't have to but can if I want to!!!
He wants me to have a follow up... He gave me the choice of 6 months or a yr! I picked 6 months... Maybe after that one comes back clear to the next one I will do a yr!!!

Hopefully 2009 will be my year for good things to happen!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

my private blog

I just entred 2 entries there...
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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


how do I add readers to my priavte J I forget!

My date

So I went on that date with the guy from church!
It was nice!
He took me to a bar to see his brother's band play!
He smokes , I don't like smoke.... he says he is trying to quit though!
Funny thing... but not so funny!
He is 47 and never married.... I made a comment "you don't still live at home with mommy do you?"
LOL ooopppssss he guess what? He does!
I said "OOppss!" then though found he hasn't lived with her all 47 yrs , he just fell on some hard times and had to move back!
Come to find out his mom and family go to the church too, I didn't put his last name with the other members thinking they are related!
It's kind of weird though because everyone at that church is related to someone some how! everyone that is but me... I have no family members there.
I just don't like everyone knowing my "businness"... I am a priavte person!
NOT sure how this is going to work out.
He did ask for a second date!
We shall see!

oopsss silly me

Silly me I forget how to add people to my private blog?
I think I need e-mail addy's to do this ???
It's been a while!

Long Time

A lot going on here,

a lot I can't post here...

it's in my private J...

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