Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My date

So I went on that date with the guy from church!
It was nice!
He took me to a bar to see his brother's band play!
He smokes , I don't like smoke.... he says he is trying to quit though!
Funny thing... but not so funny!
He is 47 and never married.... I made a comment "you don't still live at home with mommy do you?"
LOL ooopppssss he guess what? He does!
I said "OOppss!" then though found he hasn't lived with her all 47 yrs , he just fell on some hard times and had to move back!
Come to find out his mom and family go to the church too, I didn't put his last name with the other members thinking they are related!
It's kind of weird though because everyone at that church is related to someone some how! everyone that is but me... I have no family members there.
I just don't like everyone knowing my "businness"... I am a priavte person!
NOT sure how this is going to work out.
He did ask for a second date!
We shall see!


CntryMomma said...

I was wondering how this date when but figured you'd share in your own time. ;o)

Love your new profile pic!


sober white women said...

I do hope that you go out with him again. Will you please add me to your journal?

Robin said...

Maybe you can go someplace quieter, instead, to get more of a chance to know him. If he really is just going back for a bit b/c of hard times, and is otherwise a good guy, especially if he's figuring out a plan for better times or trying to, I wouldn't worry too much about it. (Or, going back to help out an elderly parents, other legit reasons, xyz...). You'll figure it out. I'd feel weird having everyone know my business, also, but hey, you're both adults and don't need to share info w/ everyone else:)

Chrissie said...

For me, it would be a no brainer to say no more. I'm not into smokers. Plus I know I could not date someone that is related to half the church. I'm a very quiet person too.

I hope whatever you decide. You have fun. You deserve some fun in your life. You've been through a lot.

Take care, Chrissie

Jmoqueen said...

Do you like him? If you do, you may as well go on the second date. There's nothing stopping you x Have fun ;)

Joann said...

The smoking would bother me ALOT more than him living at home for awhile. Things happen, living with his mom isn't the greatest situation but it could be justified in alot of ways, and hey, it's WAY better than him living on the streets!! LOL!! Get to know more of who he is before you let that turn you off.

Amanda said...

(((((((((((((HUGSTOYUOU)))))))))))I wated to come by ad wish you a Happy ew Year,I hope that this New Year will be the best oe ever.Sounds like you had a good time with this guy.I hope it works out for you.

Bill said...

I'm not in to the loud bar scene. Basically it is because I'm just about deaf. I'd rather go somewhere that is cinducive to talking and getting to know the person you are with. That from and old married man. I hope that you are able to find someone to have fun with and enjoy being around.
Regards, Bill

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope that what ever decision you make works well for you. I agree with the recommendation to go somewhere quieter so you can really talk. The whole church scene where they know your business is certainly a warning flag :o)