Thursday, February 12, 2009

What a week.....

WOW what a mixed bag of emotions this week from high and giddy on life to wanting to cry at the drop of a hat!

Get the bad out of the way and end on a good note....

First like I mentioned Brian had gone to live with his dad in the beginning of the yr... and David wants him on the zoloft. I told David about a week ago, From now on when he goes away on trips (which is a lot lately) I want Brian home with me , Since Sophie and I can't seem to understand each other... or she gets confused over the English language ... So he agreed to that...

So the other night had to take Bethany to the Dr's for a UTI... and while we were there we talked briefly about Bri and the zoloft and his peed said it is a low dose and he should be fine... So on the way home I said to David "Brian says you don't pay attention to him, the whole idea of him going there was for you to give him some 1 on 1 time !" and since Bri says that is not happen' in I want him home with me if he is going to be on zoloft so someone can keep an eye on him!

He says I pay attention to him! I said that's not what Bri says and Bri says Sophie even agrees with him that you don't!

David's answer was "HMMM"! ...

SO Bri is home with me! On his 16th B-day!!!!!

I told the kids there would be changes made!!! The first night went well!

We had a stake dinner with delightful company!!!! :)

We had a traumatic experience yesterday Bethany and I.... we were both in tears!

She had 3 UTI's since Oct and 2 of them just in Jan... so the Dr felt it necessary to do further testing.... I didn't realize the one test... a V.C.U.G was so invasive.... OH my gosh we were both in tears!!!!

Turns our her initial test at the Dr's office came back clear!!!! I wish they would have waited till the results from the test had come back first before they made her do the other test!!! I still get teary eyed thinking about what my baby had to go through!!!!

BUT the Dr just called and ALL is WELL!!!!

So now on the happy note!!!!!

I have a boyfriend!!! It's official!!!! Guess he isn't a boy!!! BUT you know what I mean!
I invited him over for dinner last night stakes on the grill... ( they do say a way to a mans heart is through his stomach) ;)
When we were saying good night for the night I asked him "so should I change my status on myspace?" he said he didn't know much about myspace (doesn't get on much) and I explained, how mine says single should I switch it to in a relationship? and with that he said "I would say we are in a relationship!" and sealed it with a kiss! :)

so I wonder if it was the kiss or the steak???


CntryMomma said...

Awww, cute! Sharon has a MANfriend! hehe

UTI's suck.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Works in reverse also, I won Beth's heart with an Easter dinner :o)

Glad you have Bri back home.

Celeste said...